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South East Paranormal Investigators Association (SEPIA)

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United States
North Carolina
531 NC Hwy 172 (click for map)
S.E.P.I.A. (South East Paranormal Investigators
Association) is a non-profit organization based out of
southeastern North Carolina. It was founded in early
2008, by Eric and Jessica Dionne, who both have
experience with investigating the paranormal and
decided to form their own group. We simply would like
to gain as much scientific evidence as possible in
order to help with research in this vastly uncharted
form of science. We are new, so we are always looking
for potential investigators to join the group. We are
also seeking any and all clients that may need our
help, or that would be wiling to investigate their
residence or business. Please feel free to contact us
with any questions, concerns, inquiries,
comments...whatever you would like to say!

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