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United States
We are a young group dedicated to finding the answers that haunt you. We base our investigations on debunking everything that we can, so when the dust orbs clear, we are left with true evidence.

It is our promise to be honest, objective and open minded with everyone we come in contact with. We promise to show the truth from every investigation and to offer objective reasoning with the facts for each finding, paranormal or not.

It is our promise to debunk everything that we can, because anything less will not find the true facts.

We promise to be open-minded and to never ridicule someone because of what they have seen or believe. We believe that there is something going on in our world that is, as of yet, to be explained and we will do our best to help in the search for the answers.

We investigate Western Michigan area or anywhere where our help is needed. We can assist you to the best of our abilities. Please check out our site for more details and evidence we have obtained.

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