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Shadowz Paranormal Investigations

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United States
Shadowz Paranormal Investigation, Szpi for short, is the TAPS Family Representatives for Ms and helping out in La,Al,Fl. We are a non profit group located on the Ms Gulf Coast who will do free paranormal investigations for homes and businesses. Shadowz Paranormal Investigations was founded By Dolly Litke and her son Jared Litke on the Ms GUlf Coast over three years ago. On an investigation we will try to debunk whatever things have been happening to homeowners. In case it is paranormal we use the following equipment and were steadily adding more:
Night vison cameras with a monitor and built in DVR system, EMF Detectors and K11 Meters,, audio equipment, digital and video cameras and infra red thermometers. We do free investigations in Ms,AL,FL and LA. We have done numerous TV Interviews, newspapers articles, radio interviews and we were even on the show the Webdrifter. We were in the book Ghost Coast to Coast with our investigation of Rock and Roll Graveyard and will be in book two with the biloxi house that is haunted when it comes out. Weve investigated historical homes, property and businesses. You can read about some of our investigations (Check out the hattiesburg house and pensacola house or listen to our weekly show at:
Weve had cases even given to us by a local law enforcement officers. Were hard working and we take this very serious. We have a great reputation in the community and can provide references if you need them. If you need help or have any questions please feel free to email us at:Shadowzhunters [at]

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