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Northern Michigan University Paranormal Research Team

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Northern Michigan University's Paranormal Research Team, otherwise known as the PRT, is a student organization with the purpose of investigating paranormal activity. We also promote and conduct activities with the purpose of promoting the education of people about the subject of paranormal phenomenon.

Since the group was founded in 2004, the PRT has performed multiple investigations of businesses, historical sites, and private residences. We have also hosted numerous successful events and seminars. Some of these include presentations by the Ghost Hunters (as seen on Sci-Fi Channel), and John Zaffis, as well as our annual Marquette Haunted Tours held every year around the time of Halloween.

If you wish to contact us to find out more about the group, or request an investigation, you can search this site to find contact information, more information about our group and it's members, and our planned future activities.

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