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Ghost Hunters of Guelph Psychic Investigators

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Guelph, Ontario, Canada (click for map)
N1E 7H5 was originally known
As GhostSeek. 10 years exploring the paranormal. We are a non profit group. Wanda has initiated a Ghost Hunting Team with trained investigators using scientific protocol and electronic equipment to investigate Real Paranormal Phenomena.
We have conducted numerous Paranormal Investigations through out Guelph, Fergus, Cambridge, Burlington, Cobourg, Colborne, Windsor, Burlington, Toronto and the region since 1999.
Wanda continues her exploration to understand the
Invisible world to validate the experience of others hoping to dispel fear and share a deeper
Understanding of the spirit world.
Wanda uses her psychic sensitivity and mediumship
Abilities (Psi Factor) to detect spirits, and when
Needed will use equipment, and research protocol to detect Paranormal Anomalous Phenomenon.

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