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VRS Paranormal

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United States
North Dakota
VRS Paranormal is a scientific research team in Fargo North Dakota that explore claims of paranormal activity throughout the states of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. Using scientific methods, we try to discover possible alternatives or logical explanations to paranormal situations. If we cannot recreate or disprove the activity, we try to help people understand through education on how to cope with their paranormal environments.

We are not "Ghost busters" looking to generate hysteria in our clients. What V.R.S offers is a 100% free consultation and paranormal investigation. There are no hidden fees or service charges whatsoever. We continue to work with our clients as long as they require our services.

We are interested in investigating any site that is thought to have any paranormal activity, whether it be a home, business, hotel, museum, etc. If you feel that you have paranormal activity and have the ability to approve our access, please email us at vrs_paranormal [at]

Our investigations usually take place between 10 pm and 4 am

Interview and investigation guidelines:

* Only residents of the home or witnesses to the events are to be present during interviews and investigations. We ask that no bystanders, friends or others are present during our time with you. We promise the same as it is our policy to not allow friends or family of our group members to accompany us into your home or to have access to your information.

* Please ensure that there will be no distractions during our interview if it is within your home.

* We ask that no other outside sources are made aware of our presence or any information pertaining to our case with you, the client, is disclosed to anyone regardless of affiliation. We guard your privacy and we expect that you will do the same. We provide confidentiality forms for your and our protection surrounding the information gathered and given during the case.

* We utilize camera and audio recording equipment for our investigations as well as our interviews. Their usage is vital to documenting case evidence and are mandatory for our field work to provide accurate data. If you do not wish for us to photograph you or your home, use audio or audio/video recording devices within your home, please notify us prior to us conducting an interview.

What can we expect during an interview or investigation?

* Our initial visit will be primarily focused on a thorough interview. Why? A thorough interview can help us explore what is going on much more efficiently than by any other method. It provides us an avenue at which to focus our physical investigation as well as provides us with areas of possible logical (or non-paranormal) solutions. Interviews may be conducted prior to or the day of the investigation depending on travel distance.

* We will create an outline of how the evening will progress in advance based upon the amount of time and the amount of interviews that need to be conducted. Typically we ask for a brief tour of the location for referencing during the interview.

* We will then continue to experiment and interview as needed during follow-up visits for as long as necessary for you, the homeowner/business owner, to feel comfortable with the situation.

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