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Ghost Hunters of Colorado

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Ghost Hunters of Colorado is a compilation of the goals of many dedicated ghost hunters, including the team founders, Donny and Dawn Crawford who started their first ghost hunting team in 1995 in Long Beach California. Aboard the Queen Mary their team was able to hone their skills and develop a protocol for serious ghost research. Later in 2005, the team moved on to Big Bear, California and changed their name to PSI: Big Bear where the team was able to work with spirits from the Gold Rush and small pioneer towns. In 2009, the team moved East to Northern Colorado and joined forces with another local team while learning the lay of the land in Colorado. Although most of the team members have worked together previously, Ghost Hunters of Colorado was not officially launched until 2010 and moves forward in the world of ghost hunting today as a Colorado 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to finding the truth, what ever that may be. We are here to provide a professional service to the public free of charge. We are not in this field for the glory; we are here to provide comfort and care to those that ask for some answers. We will be held to the highest standard, to promote the field of paranormal investigation and help to establish a scientific protocol to which the evidence will be proven true. We are professional, certified, and experienced paranormal investigators with a mission. Our mission is to find the truth.

Our Services
Ghost Hunters of Colorado services are available to any one who genuinely believes that they are being haunted. Our priority in scheduling cases will always be with families. We have the ability to put on a full investigation at your location regardless of it size.

You may leave a message at our 24-Hour Helpline (970) 672-HELP (4357)

Who we are...

We are like-minded, educated, professional paranormal investigators with a wide variety of experience and skill sets earned from our careers in the fields of home inspection, building maintenance, medicine, military, police and fire, government, non-profit and volunteer organizations. We are all great friends and enjoy each other's company outside of ghost hunting. We know everyone's families and have fun together. We are people, just like you. We are forward thinkers who are interested in creating new technologies for use in paranormal research. We have developed new ideas and put them into action with great success (even having seen our ideas in use by the leaders in the field) and continue to develop new and expanding theories about ghosts.

...and are not!

We are not amateurs who watch the TV shows and are trying to emulate everything we see. We are not paid employees, only volunteers. We are not counselors, but we'll listen. We do not claim that we can get rid of your ghosts, but we will do what we can for your peace of mind and for the ghosts peace. We are not clergy or witches. We are not psychics, Ufologists, Demonologists or anything of the like.

What we bring...

We have an extensive collection of equipment, including a night-vision DVR system, full-spectrum digital video camera, more night-vision cameras than you probably have enough rooms for, digital audio recorders, real-time digital audio headphones, ghost box communication devices, em pumps, KII meters and emf detectors galore, blanket laser lights, thermometers, infra-red lighting, a gas detector, digital cameras, atmospheric meters, flashlights, tripods and they all come in those cool metal cases with form-fitted foam! But alas, all of that wouldn't mean a thing if we didn't know what we're doing; so the most important things we bring are real-life experience, a healthy dose of common sense, and very level heads.

What we offer...

Ghost Hunters of Colorado offers professionalism, personality and honesty in all aspects of our work and behavior. We are serious about this work, but try to have some light-hearted fun while doing it. We offer high quality research and investigative services and will provide you with solid answers or alternative explanations to all of your questions. We will try our best to dispel any fears, myths and legends about your situation, whether it is haunted or not. We offer our expertise and knowledge from our careers. We offer you an unbiased opinion, peace of mind and clarity about what is really going on. We offer all of this free of charge, but we wouldn't say no to a cup of hot coffee at 4am.

What we share...

Everything GHC records on video, photo and audio will be available and shared with our client. Nothing is shared with the public in any form if that's the way you want it to be. We will never post video or photos of children under the age of 18. Nor will we post any video or photos of people other than team members. We will never post an identifying video or photo of the outside of your property. We will never share your name or address.

What we believe...

We believe that it's hard to call a group like us and ask for help. We understand that it may be embarrassing to pour your heart out to a complete stranger. However, you need to know that we believe you. We believe that there is always a logical explanation for everything. We believe ghosts exist and interact with us on many levels. We believe that it is a really good thing to be skeptical. We believe in debunking and finding natural causes for haunting experiences. We believe that we can gather evidence to prove the existence of ghosts beyond a shadow of a doubt. We believe that we provide a unique service to the public and most importantly we believe that you should not be charged for this service!

What to expect...

You should always expect professionalism from those that you invite into your home, business and personal life. You can expect prompt attention and initial response from the Founders of GHC and within 24 hours you can expect to do a telephone interview with our Case Profiler. Before an investigation is scheduled a thorough records search will be performed by our Case Researcher. Then you can expect to have an initial on-site consultation with the Team Leader & Lead Investigator for collect data and gather details about your experiences. Next you should expect to schedule an investigation at a time that is convenient for you and your family or business. After the investigation the team will conduct a thorough review of the data collected and come together to analyze any potential evidence. If we feel that more data is needed to formulate an opinion about whether your location is haunted you can expect that GHC may need to re-investigate. After all analysis has been completed our Team Leaders will meet with you to review the evidence collected, provide you with alternate explanations and provide you with a final report. We will provide you with ways to keep your house and ghosts at peace and will provide additional resources for you to consult. Our phone lines are always available and just because we've finished our investigation you should expect to always have our attention.

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