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Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

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United States
Columbia Heights (click for map)
We are a Paranormal Investigation Team based in Columbia Heights Minnesota. Our goal is to prove or disprove any type of Paranormal activity. We currently have 6 members including 2 sensitives, skeptic, and a ordained minister. We use Digital Voice recorders, Digital video and still cameras. K2 Meters, EMF detectors amd Gauss Meters. Also have Infrared/Nightvision equipment too.
Ever since I have a child I always wondered if there was more then the eye can see. This team has uncovered some startling results. There is more out there then the eye can see!
All our Investigations are free of charge and we respect the word "NO" if a person does not want a investigation of their property done. So many other groups will "Sneak" or tresspass on to properties that they have not recieved permission to be there. We also sign and honor confidentiality agreements with owners of property as to the what we can or cannot show to our fans on Facebook or our website. They say how much information we can divulge.

If you have questions of have a experience you would love to share with us, please feel free to email at SIMinnesota [at] or a investigation please feel free to call us at (612) 703-9399 or (612) 424-0749 We look forward to hearing from you.

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