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E.V.P. Society of Ontario

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Mission Statement
Welcome to the Extrasensory Validation of the Paranormal Society's Official Website.

We are a group dedicated to Ghost Hunting. Finding the truth and all things paranormal. We are a not-for-profit Paranormal Investigation group that share a passion for all-things-paranormal.

We travel across Ontario, investigating claims of strange and paranormal activity in search for the truth and evidence of activity.

Our main goal is to collect unbiased evidence to give peace of mind to those affected by the paranormal. We do not alter our evidence in any way. Our hope is to share our experience, not to convince skeptics or reinforce believers.

As members of the E.V.P. Society, we vow to take every situation seriously and treat all situations with professionalism.

We are an open group, so if you share a passion for all things paranormal, feel free to join. If you wish to join us on our investigations please apply as we welcome new members. We are always looking for professional enthusiastic individuals.

Whether you're here to read about our investigations, or you are ready and willing to help out in any way, we welcome you all.

Welcome to the E.V.P. Society of Ontario!

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