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Pueblo Paranorrmal Investigations Team

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United States
We are a new team that is looking forward to gaining experience! We have done evp and photography work in several cemetaries and enjoy it very much. We have captured several evp and hope to get more, there is always room for growth. Our meeting location is in Pueblo Colorado, we are willing to travel to gain any information to further our knowledge. All of our services are at no cost as we do this as a hobby. We have a few people who help us get the equipment that we have obtained and are very thankful to them! We are always adding to our equipment list so soon it will be over flowing. There are six members in our team:
*Brandy and Eric Hanna-founders,investigators,tech specialists, case manager, evp analizers
*Bryan Hockman-co-founder,investigator,tech specialist, picture analizer
*Monica Whisthoff-investigator,picture analizer
*Phil and Erin White-investigators
We also recieve help at times from outside sources when our equipment can not analize the evidence we capture. We are calling out to anyone who may have a way for us to gain experience. Please e-mail us we will answer within 48 hours. Thank you so much for reading about us hope to hear from you soon!

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