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Four Mile Paranormal Research Society

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United States
New Jersey
PO Box 420 (click for map)
The Four Mile Paranormal Research Society is a group of professional paranormal investigators located in Southern New Jersey. We offer you or your business the opportunity to understand and possibly validate your paranormal experiences. We help you understand what is going on and help provide a solution to your situation. Our team is a family of investigators ready to listen and respond with trust, respect, understanding, and experience.

We became an official organization October 1, 2010. Founded by Bob Ely and Joe Knapp. Our team is made up of people that have had their own paranormal experiences and have been trained in proper investigation procedures and helping our clients understand and deal with the unknown. We can determine what type of activity you are experiencing by the use of specialized test equipment, personal observations, and our own senses. Our teams members have years of experience investigating the paranormal. Some of our team are trained in construction trades, medical, electronics and other skills that are useful to determining the source and identity of the supernatural activity. We also call on other resources that may be necessary in certain more difficult situations. Rest assured, we can find a solution to your paranormal situation.

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