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Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc.

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United States
612 578-9401
612 578-9401
55407 an experienced paranormal investigation group from Minneapolis, MN. We are incorporated as a non profit organization. We investigate claims of haunted locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Our services are free of charge. We have investigated State hospitals, businesses, private homes and other haunted locations. There are no investigations that are too small or large for us.

Scientific equipment such as temperature sensing devices, electromagnetic sensing equipment, video/still camera equipment, and recording devices are used on each investigation. ITC equipment is now being experimented with as well. We do also use a gifted medium on our investigations.

We can at the request of our clients attempt clearings. As many factors come into play regarding clearings, we do not guarantee that we can remove anything permanently. Different religious beliefs are respected - we work with our clients on a basis that which they are comfortable with. We do not use ouija boards.

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