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Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation

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United States
South Carolina
(864) 209-8041
Our mission at Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CSPRI) is to investigate and document using the scientific method any and all paranormal activity. With an open yet objective mindset, we will use state-of-the-art equipment as well as classic equipment to deliver the most logical explanation to all paranormal activity conceivable. We will ensure that our staff of investigators and researchers will exemplify professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality for each case that is delivered to us. CSPRI understands that privacy is paramount in any case that is taken and will use all measures to ensure that the privacy of each client is respected.

CSPRI is comprised of individuals from all walks of life. Each individual is chosen for their professionalism and experience in their field. We are comprised of team members with experience in the field of investigation, history, case management, photography, research, the supernatural, folklore, marketing, building, engineering, the occult, and many more aspects of the paranormal. We use this team to logically explore paranormal experiences using trained unbiased investigation techniques. If there is no logical explanation, we then explore the realm of the paranormal. Though we use the scientific method for our investigations we understand that the paranormal is very spiritual in its nature. This is why we also incorporate our religious beliefs after the investigation concludes. With these two methods as a guideline for our investigation we must always prove what it is not before we can prove what it is.

CSPRI also holds to the belief that the field of paranormal research and investigation is a personal search and we will NEVER charge for our services. We will accept donations if they are offered, though we will never ask for them. We understand that we are one of many paranormal teams that are available for investigations and that the decision to chose one is very difficult. We feel that our professionalism and approach will help us stand alone and shine. We feel that using the scientific method to obtain evidence is crucial to our field, however, we understand that religion is a large aspect of this as well. We are not going to wage a spiritual battle by performing exorcisms or push a certain religion towards you. We just understand that when dealing with a spirit you must have a spiritual mindset.

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