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Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science

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United States
VIPS believe in a professional approach and the ability to set the standard in paranormal research. We incorporate common sense with original and innovative techniques, ideas and philosophies, along with attempting to "debunk" or find the"natural cause" of the claims of activity while keeping an open mind and some skeptic views also.

We are not out to prove skeptics wrong or a believer right, we just provide evidence, recommendations, and allow the client to be the judge

VIPS was started in 2009 by cousins Max McGregor and Will MooreAt VIPS our first goal is help our clients by trying to help them get an understanding of what is happening to them and offer assistance. Our second goal is to capture audio and video evidence of paranormal activity or ghosts, our third goal is to find the "natural" cause of the claims, and lastly we review all the data collected and present our findings to the client and then ask if we can investigate our findings further, again at no charge to the client.

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