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Key West Paranormal Society

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The Key West Paranormal Society (K.W.P.S.) is the first non-profit paranormal investigative team in Key West, with divisions located in Key West, Florida Keys, South Florida, Central Florida, Northeast Florida, and the Florida Panhandle. We also have a Demonic Division specializing in negative entities and dark hauntings. Our Paranormal Investigators are a group of volunteers who have come together from various backgrounds and locations throughout Florida each sharing the same desire to research and investigate paranormal activity. The Key West Paranormal Society utilizes these individual Paranormal Investigators who have been selected from all over the State to allow for a rapid response to emergency situations in all areas of Florida. Each individual team member has his or her own unique talents and abilities to help ensure every investigation performed is of the highest caliber. Our Paranormal Investigators are equipped with hands-on training on all equipment necessary to research and document paranormal activity. The Key West Paranormal Society has formed one of the most solid paranormal investigative teams on the east coast.

As a non-profit our investigations are FREE of charge to our clients, and all investigation results and information given to our K.W.P.S. Paranormal Investigators is and always will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be sold or given to anyone without prior written authorization from the clients we serve. The focus of our Paranormal Investigators is on helping and assisting those in need who are experiencing paranormal activity!

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