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The Southeastern Paranormal Society

United States
North Carolina
We are a North and South Carolina based Research Organization located in Salisbury NC and Myrtle Beach SC. Dedicated to the research and documentation of Paranormal Activities and Hauntings.

We research folklore, hauntings, ghost sightings and other Paranormal Activities reported to us by people just like yourself.
We use several different types of equipment to document and locate ghostly activities, not limited to the fact that we also take 100's of photographs and hours of audio recordings. A lot of time and patience goes into this effort. We don't always find what we are looking for the first time out, it may take years to finally catch what we are investigating. It is a dedicated process. While most of us in the group work full time jobs, we manage to do investigative work on a daily basis and we are all very dedicated to finding the truth.

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