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Supernatural and Paranormal Researchers of Kansas (SPRK)

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United States
Seeking the Truth Behind the Veil

Dedicated to seeking and uncovering the truth behind paranormal and supernatural claims and experiences. With repeated experimentation we will expand our knowledge of the paranormal and supernatural. We use electronic equipment to capture and debunk evidence while remaining respectful of the unknown.

As a rule, we do not and will not share, post, or release evidence or personal information regarding clients on this page or any other online site or listing. Evidence collected while on investigations is important, but should not be shared in order to respect the client's personal privacy.

As a group of open-minded college students, we would like to continue researching the paranormal and supernatural as we did in a class we took together and met in. We are open to investigating any type of paranormal or supernatural activity whether it be extraterrestrial, spectral, or cryptid just to name a few. While remaining open-minded we air on the side of skepticism, always trying to offer a mundane explanation for activity whenever we can supply one. That being said, we will never question the credibility of any client's personal experiences no matter how grandiose.

General Information:
SPRK offers our services free of charge to anyone who would like to have us investigate. We are mainly focused on phenomena happening in and around the Kansas City area, but are always willing to travel when time and money allow.

October 20, 2011

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