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About -

We believe in the existence of Paranormal and Supernatural beings especially the bad ones. We are here to find them


To find the TRUTH regarding, Life after Death

Description -

From the humble city, Singapore, this is our story, this is how we started TST

My name is Shawn, Founder and lead investigator of TST. Joined by my partner, Steve, the co-founder and video tech of TST, inspired by our own paranormal and supernatural encountered, we put our life at stake as we travel to some of the most haunted places hoping to capture any paranormal activity onto video.

We believe there's two way afterlife, heaven or hell. For those that still remains on our realm after their passing we asked ourselves, why are they still here? What keeps them here?
Due to unfinished business? Or simply their denial of their passing? Why do haunting last for years or even centuries? That is why TST is formed, to find out WHY

We used high tech scientific equipment for our investigation. What really differentiate us from other paranormal group out there? Instead of going to haunted places and find out whether the claims of paranormal or supernatural activities are indeed real, We don't stop at proving, we go out there and face the existence of whatever that is there waiting and lurking in the dark, and if possible to aid the unfortunate spirits to move on to their rightful world

If it is evil we face so be it, because it's going to take more than demons to stop us from doing what we love and what we are destiny to do

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