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Supernatural Investigation Group

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United States
924 W College Ave (click for map)
We look into the paranormal activities reported to us by you and investigate them with our team and equipment. Each one of our members have special talents that they use to help our clients with.

We are all an outgoing and confident group, we have all done research on the paranormal and are confident in what signs to look for when on an investigation. Before we start an investigation two members of the team will come and chat to you about the different activities that have been happening, we will then have a daytime visit around the area that you would like us to investigate and would then decide on an evening to come and investigate. Once the investigation is complete we would then review our evidence and get back to you. Follow up visits are advisable for a number of reasons. In many cases, the phenomena are not so frequent that one would expect to witness anything on just a single visit. Also, a case which seems promising after a single visit may appear much less so after one gets to know the locality and the people involved; and, conversely, a case that is at first not very impressive may later grow in stature. Our services are free, and we keep our clients identity confidential. We are looking to investigate public areas and private homes.
We are also looking for people to join the group who have the same interest as we do. This is not done for fun and we take all our investigations seriously.

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