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Haunted Auckland

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New Zealand
Haunted Auckland is a Paranormal Investigation and Research group based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We offer free assistance and support to people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity, or activity that they just can't explain, in their home or business.

We do not charge anything for our services, as we are in this purely to further our own research. Any opportunities to investigate, experience and hopefully gain more knowledge about this 'unknown science' will be greatly welcomed.

Haunted Auckland is a dedicated group, who do not have any preconceived or established beliefs about the Paranormal. We are open-minded, take a level-headed approach to all our investigations and like most other research groups around the world today, try to come from a scientific point of view.

Haunted Auckland fully respects your privacy and your personal space. We are as discreet as you wish and you decide on what level of confidentiality you would prefer. We never publish any names, addresses or other personal information unless you give us express written permission to do so. We will make every effort to educate and assist those who are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity. Every case is unique and therefore, handled differently.

If you know of a place that could be haunted or has unusual activity that cannot be explained easily, we are now actively seeking out investigation sites. Please feel free to make contact and we'll see what we can do for you.

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