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Delaware City Ghost Hunters

United States
Delaware City Ghost Hunters, Inc. Is a Delaware Non-Profit corporation in Delaware City, Delaware. A new group founded in December, 2011 by Walt Wisowaty. We are group that share a common interest in the paranormal and ghost hunting. We strive to assist each other and our clients with a better understanding of the paranormal by utilizing ghost hunting equipment, scientific investigation techniques, clairvoyants, mediums with psychic abilities and personal experiences, while causing as little disruption as possible to our clients.

DCGH always makes a concerted effort to obtain the best evidence and information possible. We will attempt to rule out any natural or human influences and investigate with an open mind. No promises of any kind are made that we can alleviate the paranormal activity that may be occurring. We will make every effort in trying to explain our findings through scientific equipment, personal experiences. And... At the homeowners request, we will try to have the spirits move on to the light. Our services are FREE!

We can be found on Facebook at:
Our mailing address is DCGH ~ P.O. Box 26 ~ Delaware City, DE 19706. We have a 24/7 Ghost Hot Line answering machine: (302) 83- GHOST or 834-4678. E-mail address is: GhstHunter19706 [at]

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