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10th Dimension Paranormal Group

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The 10th Dimension Paranormal group was founded on Feb. 2004 in Blue Springs, Mo., just outside the Greater Kansas City area. Co-founders, Pam & Hector have been investigating the paranormal as a husband and wife team for over 36 years now, actually, Hector had his first encounter with a spirit when he was seven years and hasn't stopped since. Hector formed his first paranormal group back in 1971 while attending college.
This newer group, the 10th Dimension consist of a doctor, an attorney, a couple of federal police, nurses and some other members. We have a branch in Flroida, Oklahoma, Boonville, Mo. And our main branch in K.C. We do not charge for our services and we have traveled all over the U.S., Euorpe and the Carribean. We conduct these investigations to try an obtain answers to our questions and help out the people or location at the same time. We do not provoke, we are firm believers that you can get more with a piece of candy then with a rock, besides we will leave the location and we do not want to leave pissed off entities behind. The people that reside at the loaction will then have to deal with that and that is not what we are about. We do all types of cleansing and if not we will get the proper help to assist.
When we conduct an investigation we meet and greet the people that claim to have the activity and ask numerous questions. While our interviewer is performing this task we ask if it's okay if we can walk around the loaction and if there is anywhere we can not go to? This first walk-thru is by one of our gifted members that have the ability to pick up different energy. They will walk around the location with two other members that document everything said and encountered. We try this with two different gifted people and they return the info they gathered to the team interviewer where the info is compared to thier findings and what was told to us and not heard of by them. This gives us a better idea of what we may be dealing with and where and how to start a case.
We never make any guarantees or promises and that is why we ask the people at the location if they would like to join our team during the investigation. We give them a short class on what we are trying to find and show them how to use a hand held piece of equip. This method has worked extremely well for us over the years, the clients enjoy helping as they learn about the spirit world and if we encounter something that can not be properly documented the client was present and is aware of what we mean when we bring that incident up. We always tell the clients at the end of the first session, which generally last a couple of hours, if we think they have activity or not and make proper arrangements if need be. There are no secrets, they called us because they claimed to have activity and we want to share whatever we find. We do not edit or enhance any of the evidence that we think is paranormal, everyone gets what we get and we let them decide what it could be. We do sign release forms with the clients and if we have questional evidence it is reviewed by all four branches to make sure we are all reviewing the same info and come to at least the same conclusion before we present it or post it anywhere.
We have been on the Bio channel, T.V Fox 4 news and radio station Jack 105 are two of our sponsors and we have a Paranormal Conf. On the first weekend of Aug. Each year, this will be our third year having the conf. With guest speakers from all over. We also do fund-raisers for different organizations, such as for the Scottish Rite and the hearing impaired kids, the hope fund for a medical facility and we just finished one for Fort Osage in Sibley, Mo. We do not charge for our fund raisers, it's a way to help out our community and we get the opportunity to investigate some awesome locations.
So, if you would like our services to assist you on activity you think may be paranormal please contact us at hectorlugo.lugo [at] or call our group at 816-797-6577 and we'll try to do the best we can. We stay with our cases until they are properly completed to the clients satisfaction. We have done cases that have taken up to 2 1/2 years and some that took just 2 hours. We also have just re-done our web site and is being worked on at the present time, it is 10th dimension paranormal group if you want to check it out and we also have a face book page under 10th Dimension.

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