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Bell County Paranormal

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United States
We are a group of Paranormal Enthusiasts. We have a passion for investigating & documenting paranormal activity. We do not charge for our service.

Our goal is to research, analyze, & document alleged paranormal activity, thereby furthering the field of paranormal research and attempting to provide our clients with answers to their unexplainable experiences.

We investigate both public an private residences or sites. If you know of a site that is suspected to be haunted, or you live in a home you believe to be haunted, contact us to suggest a site, or request an investigation.
We understand that contacting a "ghost hunter" can be uneasy or uncomfortable. Most of our team members have been in your shoes and have had unexplainable experiences of our own.
As our client, we will honor your privacy, and we will have your approval on what we make available for the public.
We never charge for our services. Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated, but not required. Donations will be used for travel expenses and to purchase equipment.

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