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Hidden Encounters Paranormal Research are a team of paranormal investigators whose primary goal is to research, observe, document, and debunk supernatural activity and help others who are experiencing paranormal phenomena through education and counseling.

Many TV shows and movies now-days portray paranormal activity as evil and malevolent when in fact many of these activities can be explained. 90% of spiritual hauntings are harmless, residual hauntings, which means an event in the past is re-playing itself over and over. Intelligent hauntings are spiritual beings trying to get attention or trying to communicate with a individual.

Our first goal on an investigation is to find logical reasons for the activity that is occurring. We will exhaust all avenues to disprove a haunting. If we are left with activity we cannot explain, in conjunction with evidence, then and only then will we declare a property haunted.

We conduct all of our investigations in a professional, courteous and confidential manner protected by our confidentiality form. We do not like to intimidate the spirits and like to conduct our investigation with three people including the lead investigator.

For our clients protection we do not provoke, yell at or intimidate any spiritual activity in the residence or place of business. While many paranormal groups find this useful and help prove supernatural activity, this does not help the client and only benefits such group.

Although we do not discredit the use of psychics, we instead use both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our experiences. We will never use ouija boards, seances, or divining rods to conjure or locate spirits. We investigate both public places and private residences, and although we are based outside of Waukesha, Wisconsin, we enjoy traveling to investigate haunted sites around the country.

Hidden Encounters Wisconsin Paranormal Research is a serious group of professionally-minded adults who believe that skepticism is healthy, and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.

Thank you for visiting us,

Aleksandar Omic - Director / Lead Investigator
Hidden Encounters Paranormal Research

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