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Eventide Paranormal Research Group

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We are a paranormal investigations team on a mission to find the truth pertaining to the paranormal through the gathering of evidence. Through the process of gathering that evidence we help our clients with their questions and concerns about their personal experiences. We listen and do not make judgments of any kind. E.P.R.G. Is a non-profit organization and does not charge for investigations.
Eventide Paranormal Research Group use various forms of electronic equipment. Those pieces of equipment aid in the gathering of evidence that may lead to answers to the client's questions and or concerns. Our group uses unique case identifiers that have relation to each case. These unique case identifiers are used for the evidence we gather so that we may portray the evidence on our videos, reports, and websites. All the evidence gathered will remain property of Eventide Paranormal Research Group. Copies of the evidence gathered can be provided to the client upon their request. We do not and will never give any personal information out that would give away the client's personal identity. The client's identity is and will be only known within the E.P.R.G. Team. However the group cannot be responsible if the client reveals such information in the confidence of another person or people. The only situation the identity of a client would be revealed by E.P.R.G. Is if the client wishes it to be so. In that situational case, the client would want to be, or agree to be interviewed on, and or be shown, on the investigation footage during that particular investigation. If the client wishes to do so, then permissions will be granted, through expressed written consent by that client. That said client will be able to sign a paper stating that permission was granted to depict them, or their self, in the portrayal of the investigation footage.
Eventide Paranormal Research Group asks that there only be 1 to 2 adult people who reside at the house/building present during an investigation. We also ask no children (anyone under the age of 18) be present at the time of an investigation. We ask the above so we may gather the best evidence possible, evidence without doubt. If it is doubtful evidence then we will and must throw it out of contention. E.P.R.G. Reserves the right to cancel an investigation if any of the above conditions are not met. Upon completion of the actual investigation we go through a process of reviewing audio and video. This is a process that may take some time to complete. After that process we gather all the evidence, if any, and do a reveal to the client (s). Team representatives will present the evidence to the client (s). Keep in mind if we don't have any evidence to show, that is not an indication that the client's experiences did not happen. It would just mean we were unable to catch anything on that particular investigation.

Conscientious hard workers, caring, and honest are the traits of our group. We strive for answers through our hard work. We are meticulous so that all bases are covered to eliminate evidence contamination. In doing so, through our investigation procedures, we leave no stone unturned. In that process of helping our clients, it helps us inch closer and closer to the truth."

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