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Knight Time Paranormal

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United States
(410) 596-2676
(410) 596-2676
Knight Time Paranormal was formed in early 2013 by Dan Cormany and Mike Slein. We started very small and used only what we ahd on our cell phones to collect evidence. Our big break (for lack of a better term) was investigating Gettysburg. From there, we took off. Today we consist of the following 7 members: Dan (LI), Mike (LI), Preston (Cameras), Olivia (Photography), Austin (A/V & Cameras), Tim (Research), Evan (Management & Research).

We are all very dedicated to what we do and we believe that we are here to do it. My encounter changed my life in a good way and it opened me up to a world that not many people are aware actually exists.

We will investigate any location free of charge as long as it is in Virginia, Maryland, or North Carolina. Anywhere else and we have to charge for transport. Our goal is to provide proof of life after death and that spiritual beings are real.

Contact Info:
(410) 596-2676 >text only please< *main contact*
[Dan] jdancormany [at] *secondary contact*
[Mike] mslein1013 [at]

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