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Late Night Optimistic Paranormal Researchers

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United States
We are a very professional non profit paranormal group that started in August 2011. Some of us have conducted more than 100 investigations, between the group, and before the group was started.

Although we are only 4 years new, some of us have 9+ years of paranormal investigating experience, and some of us have had personal paranormal experiences of our own. We research the history of the location and use scientific methods as well as psychic methods to conduct our investigations.

We help people that have residential locations, businesses with paranormal activity, go to various haunted locations. We do not discriminate on how many or how few people live at a location or how many people work at a business, etc. We believe if a person needs help, no matter what their beliefs are, or how many or how few people live or work at the location, we will do everything we possibly can to help.

If we cannot help, we will tell you so and we will do everything we can to get that person (s) the help they need.
We also accept new people at least 18 years of age or older to join our team. I, Tess, am the Founder/Owner/Lead Investigator of this team and teach classes on how to investigate. I teach both Hands on training for investigating as well as sitting in a room and teaching about how to work with different pieces of equipment, the Do's and Don'ts of paranormal investigating, and various other things.

When accepting new people in our team, we do not discriminate against disabilities,religion, race, sex, age (although we do require you to be at least 18 years of age.), etc.
We do NOT use a spirit board (or Ouija board) on investigations, nor do we use any tarot cards,pendulums, or any of the sort when conducting Paranormal Investigations.

We do use Sea Salt and Sage if it is considered necessary. All investigations are kept completely confidential and we do get back with the clients about any, if any, evidence is gotten on an investigation and we will give a copy of the evidence (if we get anything and if it is requested) to the client (s). We do respect everyone's privacy, and will not give out any information except evidence on our website when permission is given from the client (s).

Although located in Springfield,Missouri, we will travel a little ways, about 3 hours North of Springfield, Missouri and as far south as 3 hours South of Springfield, Missouri and about 2 hours East, and 2 Hours West of Springfield,Missouri.

We have also been called upon other groups to help with various cases and we will help other groups when it is requested. We are very respectful of other groups cases and will not try to take over a case from any group, but rather will work with them in gathering evidence and will keep those cases completely confidential like we do our own cases. After all, we are all seeking out the same thing, proof of the paranormal, history of the location, and to help those who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon.

Give us a call to find out if we will come to your location, if you need help. Sometimes we will make exceptions.

We do NOT charge anything to conduct an investigation and if the location is close to or is in Springfield, Missouri or Republic, Missouri or areas close to Springfield, Missouri, we will do emergency investigations even if they are in the middle of the night, but that will be determined on the phone if they warrant an emergency or not. Mostly when little children are involved we will conduct an emergency investigation if it warrants that. Otherwise we will schedule an investigation with you for as soon as we can.

The Cell number is sometimes not available, but the other phone number is always available. So if you can't contact me on the 414 number, please call the 351 number if you need assistance.

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