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Caretakers Paranormal Investigations

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Truro (click for map)
B2N 6V2
Based out of Truro, Nova Scotia, the Caretakers Paranormal Investigations team is dedicated to the collection and research of paranormal activities, throughout Nova Scotia.

With a History dating back over 400 years, Nova Scotia has plenty of Legends, Ghost Stories, and plenty of Haunted Locations with Paranormal activity.

If you are experiencing something Paranormal, you are not alone, we can help. Seeking the truth, through knowledge and investigation, we have been able to help our clients to better understand what they have been experiencing, as well as why these events may be happening in their homes. We are a non-profit group, so there is no charge for our services.

The Caretakers Paranormal Investigations team has the knowledge, support, and equipment, to investigate just about any size building or property. We investigate Residential, Hospitality services, Commercial Properties, Cemeteries, Heritage buildings, and Historical properties. Wherever there are spirits present, we want to be there!

Your privacy will always be respected, and names and locations will always be kept confidential.

Sometimes all they want from you is to be heard.

Bruce, Charlene & Amanda
Caretakers Paranormal Investigations

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