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Lost & Found Paranormal Research

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United States
206 N. Titel St. (click for map)
Since I was a child and encountered my first full body apparition I have been interested in knowing about "the other side" and/or other dimensions. Since 1999 I have been active in the spiritual and paranormal and have gathered an impressive array of paranormal equipment to hopefully capture both audio and video anomalies from the other side. I put as much effort into trying to debunk what may seem paranormal in an effort to segregate that which IS paranormal from what may be easily explained away. I devote countless hours in the researching of human energy, the dimensions surrounding us and trying to find answers to who, what, when, where, why and how. I have been very successful at capturing both residual and intelligent spirit energy. I've worked in the Cleveland, Ohio area as well as Detroit, Chicago, Austin and now central Arizona. I do not charge for my services. I also have had success in helping lost souls cross over. I also do cleansing and purification when needed. Findings are presented to you on DVD if requested. If you have questions about any unexplained activity please call me! Available for consultations. I have at my disposal a well versed psychic medium by the name of Stacie Fuller, in the event I need to call upon her to aid in my investigations. SEEKING INTERNS: Reliable, dependable, respectful, good physical condition, seriously interested in learning paranormal researching and investigations. PM me for details!

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