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Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

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New Zealand
+64 2040171660
The Shadowlands Paranormal Investigation team are based in the beautiful Art Deco city of Napier, in the sunny Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand. We will investigate private homes, businesses, properties, public locations and buildings in order to determine what may be causing any reports of paranormal activity. We are a non-profit investigation team, who chose to do this in our own time, because we are fascinated by the subject and wish to help anyone who may be experiencing paranormal phenomena. Our group director has over 20 years experience in this field, both here and in the USA where she lived for close to 5 years.

If you think that you may be experiencing Paranormal Phenomenon in your home or business, or on your property, then please contact us. Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations may be able to help you to understand what it is you are experiencing, and if necessary to help you clean your house, business or property of any unwelcomed entities.

The utmost confidence is assured and we will never disclose private locations. Findings of our investigations are only added to our website with the written and express permission of you - our client, and only after all client's names, locations, or any other sensitive data is altered or removed completely. You also do have the right to request that we remove any details or evidence of your investigation from our page, should you so chose to at any time in the future.

We will travel around the Hawkes Bay region where needed, at no cost to you. If you live outside of our region then it is appropriate to aid with petrol costs, if you wish us to investigate for you.

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