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Serviam Research Team

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United States
New Jersey
Serviam Research Team is a LICENSED Private Investigation team, that works FULL Time helping people/families experiencing paranormal incidents. The work we do is done Professionally, Respectfully, and Confidently to all those we help and serve. We also do this FULL Time, which means there is NO waiting to those looking for and needing immediate help. Also because we do this full time, it allows us to also be TRAINED and to continually train. For us this is NOT a hobby and every case is followed through to the end. Are background is in Military Investigations and as former Police Investigations, which is how we hold a License. This means, unlike some other groups, we are highly experienced in are investigations, giving the evidence we collect validity. If you are in need of help, contact us. Everything we do, is done FREE of charge. We are here to help anytime you need us.

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