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Ghost Chasers of Michigan Paranormal Investigators

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United States
Ghost Chasers of Michigan Paranormal Investigators, founded in 2004, is a non-profit paranormal group, of researchers located in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. We are ordinary people from various backgrounds.
One of the main reasons ghosts are fascinating to our paranormal researchers, is to understand the unknown via the scientific method. Since every member has had some sort of event we all feel motivated. We also love to help people. The gratitude on their face is worth it all.
Trust and confidence are essential in addressing the paranormal. It is our obligation to protect those who wish not to be exposed, by media or any other demonstrations of exploitation. We sincerely respect the privacy of our clients by honoring their request for confidentiality with the utmost importance.
Our investigations are always performed with privacy kept in mind. Ghost Chasers of Michigan will not release any information regarding locations and/or person (s) involved unless agreed upon otherwise. Our team members follow Rules, procedures, and regulations set, by us, to ensure that our investigations can provide legitimacy, uncorrupted information and data for study. By following these standards we can properly execute an investigation with complete confidence.

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