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Twilight Shadows

United Kingdom
Maria Williams, Founder of Twilight Shadows Paranormal and Jacky Wicheard, Founder of Twilight North Paranormal invite you to share our paranormal experiences with us and our teams. Although the teams are essentially one, Twilight Shadows Paranormal are based in Salisbury, South Wiltshire and Twilight North Paranormal are based in Bradford on Avon, North Wiltshire, both with individual websites.

We are an experienced team of dedicated paranormal investigators. By researching and conducting paranormal investigations at alleged haunted locations, our aim is to prove to ourselves (and others) that life after death exists.

We do not only focus on haunted buildings, but also investigate outside locations which include many of the sacred sites inherited by us from our ancestors.

We will attempt to uncover the imprints of the past and objectively unravel our findings, some of which we may understand and others which will remain an enigma in the mists of time.

We will undertake our task using scientific methods of paranormal investigation alongside non-scientific methods such as medium-ship and divination.

Collectively our findings should result in an interesting and unbiased conclusion of all things paranormal.

All articles that appear on this website are subject to the personal beliefs, opinions and experiences of their respective authors and are in no way intended to forcefully influence the personal beliefs of others.

We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any interesting facts or stories, or would like us to investigate your premises please email us.

"Even if a ghost is ripping a house to pieces, throwing tin pans all over, pouring water on pillows, making clocks chime at all hours, mortals will accept almost any 'natural explanation' offered, no matter how absurd, rather than the obvious supernatural one, for what is going on." Anne Rice

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