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ThunderStruck Paranormal Investigations LLC

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United States
Thunderstruck Paranormal Investigations officially began in 2017. We are a husband and wife team that conducts investigations for no cost. We are not thrill seekers and the evidence must stand on its own merit.

Our commitment to clients and peers in the field of paranormal research requires TPI to conduct confident, thorough research while remaining professional. Our motto is: Debunk then Decide. We will debunk what we can, and only then decide what merits further consideration; then and only then will we call it paranormal.

​TPI's investigations are completely FREE of charge; all evidence will be provided to the clients and is held completely private. As investigators, our primary goal is to assist clients to answer questions regarding the paranormal. To do this, we use various scientific methods and technologies to uncover rational and objective causes for anomalies thought to be paranormal.

​We do not rely on methods, such as séances, psychic readings or Ouija boards, we will not aggressively provoke. However, we will actively encourage interaction. We are committed to conducting ourselves with honesty, respect for others, and sound judgment in all operations. TPI is committed to upholding the gold standard among other paranormal organizations.

​The analysis of evidence gathered from an investigation is thorough and discriminating; all evidence undergoes rigorous discussions and in-depth analysis to guarantee an objective and credible evaluation. It is most rewarding to leave a location feeling satisfied knowing that we may be one-step closer to providing someone an answer.

​Thunderstruck Paranormal Investigations is an experienced team of Christian professionals who bring both individual and unique expertise as well as varied perspectives to the field of paranormal research. We are dedicated to collecting the most authentic evidence possible, but with the skeptical expectation that little of it will result in absolute proof.

​In the rare case that the proof is indisputable, it brings great pleasure and pride knowing that TPI has conducted a quantifiable investigation and collected evidence that in time may be considered credible by all.

​People have asked why the name "Thunderstruck". As paranormal investigators, we are interested in finding unquestionable evidence. The quandary we face can be likened to "Schrodinger's cat"; in that spirits both exist and do not exist and until we capture indisputable proof, the box will remain closed.

​So, when we find it, that evidence will be as clear and undeniable as a thunder clap or a lightning strike. "ThunderStruct"

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