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NTParanormal Investigations

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United States
4400 Blue Mound Road (click for map)
NTParanormal Investigations is a group of paranormal researchers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. It is our goal to study unexplained activity using the scientific method, experiments, and documentation, in an attempt, to prove or disprove the existence of currently unexplained supernatural phenomenon in the locations that we are called to investigate. NTParanormal investigates both residential and public locations on a regular basis, participates in larger studies and field research when available. We have strived to help people who are looking for answers about paranormal phenomenon in their homes or businesses with the intent to educate and collect a wide sample of data about the experiences and suspected activity in question.

NTParanormal Investigations was started in 2013 by Ashton Rogers, Allie Bolton, and Sara Hatfield. Since then, they have participated in multiple investigations, case studies, appeared as speakers for many live events, and have also published a book about their theories and past fieldwork.

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