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The Quantum Foundation

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New Zealand
27 366 3134
Te Kowhai (click for map)
A team dedicated to researching, documenting and investigating anomalous claims that could be considered paranormal in nature.
Our team has been active since 2010 and consists of various professionals with differing levels of experience and skills within this field.
Team members consist of Anthropologists, Parapsychologists, Counsellors, Laboratory Technicians, Occult Specialists, Dog Behaviourists and Science majors.
We do not use Ouija boards, Mediums, Psychics or even the latest paranormal 'gadgets' preferring to take an old school, balanced approach to what we do. We are not believers, nor are we disbelievers - we prefer to walk the 'middle path' and do what investigators should be doing -investigating and analysing any findings.

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