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Paranormal Investigators For Northwest Ohio

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United States
I stated our group back in 2011 with the understanding that we would help people at no cost and not post anything on any platform for notoriety. We believe that Our God given gifts should be used and shared with others freely. At one point we had a web page that only had information on it because we strongly believe in confidentiality. We have a GREAT UNDERSTANDING of Demonology and can cleans / Bless a home or a person if needed. I have studied various religions, (along with Demonology), for years and feel that we are in a position to assist when called upon.
We do not go to "haunted locations" just to obtain evidence of what we already know to exist but, instead focus on problem solving a haunting that is terrorizing the living. Please send an e-mail or call me and leave a voice message or text me. Thank you, Craig Hunter

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