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When my mom was in University, she and her friends were using a ouija board. After a while they got an answer. They asked who it was and it spelled out P-E-V-E-R. One of her friends had said that spirits sometimes spelled in-correctly, so they guessed his name was "Peter".

They asked him other questions and learned that "Peter" was wrongly accused and sent to jail, where he died. By the way, you should know while this was happening, one of her friends, April, was too afraid of the ouija board and didn't "play" or "use" it whatever you would like to say.

Here is what happened next:

Do you know anything, about anyone in the room? Yes

Who? Avril (French for April)

April got scared.

What do you know about her? Keys

April cried. She said she had lost her keys. They said goodbye and got rid of the ouija board. My mom was un-sure what happened after but she said one of the following happened: They found the keys outside after or they keys were thrown up at her window.

Anyways, my mom, like to read a lot of true crime and murder stories. While reading one day, she read a story about a FRENCH man who was wrongly accused and sent to jail, where he died. That mans last name was Pever.

Wow. Rest In Peace Pever...

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JennZ (72 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-22)
Wow that is really creepy, and definitely listen to Trucker225, those boards aren't for play...
trucker225 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-08)
I have always heard that the ghosts that come through on the Ouija board lie too. I hope your mother never uses the board again. They can be very dangerous.
jzinck (4 stories) (54 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
Maybe after your mom read this book, she had a great story in her head that she knew would scare her friends... Or maybe it really was pever? You never know

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