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Since I was quite young I have been able to see ghosts/spirits. One very clear memory I have of my childhood is a cloaked figure standing by the side of my bed. I was very young at the time so I'm not sure whether it was just a dream. What made me want to explore the supernatural was the frequent sightings of a young woman around the age of 16 - 17. She appeared very clearly, dressed in white with very dark curled hair. This occurred when I reached the age of 13. At first a thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but she kept appearing to the point where I saw her at least once a day.

It wasn't long before I started to see others, a shadow of a man in a trench coat and a hat, a young boy with no eyes, a man who appeared in a form of white mist. I didn't tell anyone because I know how hard it is to believe. Sometimes I heard voices, other times I felt someone touch my shoulder. I was finding it hard to believe myself.

As I got older and had a lot more experiences, I became more curious. When I was 14 I gathered a few friends for a session on the Ouija Board. Since then I have used it many times. I am now 17 and still use it quite often. I know the consequences and have heard of many bad experiences. But I haven't had anything bad enough to scare me away.

I remember a very specific session I had a few months ago with some friends. Three of us played while another two watched. We came into contact with a spirit named Catherine. We asked questions but she was persistent to spell something else.

Very slowly she spelled


As soon as she had done she said Goodbye, and that was when the Pizza Guy had just pulled up outside. Catherine, who we spoke to again afterwards, reveals herself to be Lauren's Grandmother who now watches over her as her spirit guide. However, my friend Lauren doesn't like Ouija Boards and will only watch.

I have only ever used a homemade Ouija Board, and usually, with the group of friends I'm with now, we get two regulars. Me and my friend Sarah have spirit guides who talk to us nearly every session, Jason and Zanda.

When I found contact with Jason he was able to reveal to me the names of the ghosts I had been seeing. The Young woman being Sally, the young boy named Luke, and the man in the trench coat named Connor. He also told me that Connor was his spirit guide when he was alive, and now he looks after me.

I never tend to ask spirits how they died but Jason appeared very open to questions and also had a good sense of humour. Jason was only 19 when he died in a motorcycle accident in 1986. Me and Jason also share a like for the same music, I was thrilled to hear that his favourite band was ACDC. I asked him if he was excited for Gorillaz live that I was going to see in December and he pointed to 'YES' multiple times.

Sarah's spirit guide Zanda, is a 32 year old man from Romania who appears to be still in love with her. He shows a great dislike towards Sarah's crush as he once said.


He has told us that Sarah in her past life, used to be his wife named Mariska. Like Jason, Zanda is open to a lot of questions and can move the pointer quite easily. Both of them have said that they are great friends.

Well, that's it for this page. I will also be posting up another one for the Demons I have spoken to.

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