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The Chandelier


I was relatively young when my father and I watched the chandelier, probably eight or nine. I was living in a house that had been constructed naught but ten years ago. It was my father's house, as my parents were divorced, and it was very large. It had a single sort of winding stair case to an overhang above the foyer, that was a railed hallway to the other rooms. To be frank, I was fascinated by ghosts, but hated large houses. Unexplainable things were both enthralling and horrible to me. Generally if I wasn't by myself, I'd drag anybody I could along to go 'ghost hunting'. I was convinced my father's house was haunted, even though it was so young. Though the original owner of the house had died while still owning it, he was not inside the house, and therefore my father would try to convince me nothing was wrong.

But he could not explain the odd things that constantly happened in bad fortune -the pipes breaking suddenly, our porch falling on itself... Probably the most frightening was two days after the new family who had bought our house moved in, it was struck by lightening and the entire roof caught on fire. My pregnant stepmother was upstairs asleep. It must have been about ten thirty at night, and I can't distinctly remember what season it was, but I believe it was pretty warm outside. My father and I had been watching a late-night television show and were on our way to bed. As we climbed the stairs, I was telling him about a phenomenal dream I had where I was riding in a buggy, and a boy pressed his face to the window. It wasn't a frightening face, on the contrary quite attractive, yet I knew somehow, distinctly, I knew him... I couldn't place how.

Exactly as I was telling him of the boy I looked in the mirror, and saw the electric chandelier in our dining room go on, despite the fact that my father had distinctly turned it off. Now, before I continue, I must explain that I hate mirrors. Every dream I've ever had with a mirror involves something frightening, by staring at my reflection and seeing something else look back at me. I avoid mirrors as much as possible. But it was odd, because I had no desire to look in the mirror when I was telling the story, but I did. I soon pointed the chandelier out to my father, who mused for a bit and said he just must've "forgotten to turn it off". My father does not believe in ghosts.

I didn't want to budge from where I was, so I asked my father to turn it off. He obliged, and the second he took a step, the light went off... Then it went on... Then it went off... Very slowly. Mind you that we could practically hear my stepmother snoring in the other room, and the three of us were the only ones in the house. My father was slightly alarmed, and took another step. On cue, the lights began to flash brighter, and more frequently. Now I was on the verge of screaming, so I urged him to stop "this stupid magic trick". He assured me this was not his doing and began to race down the stairs. The lights began to flicker incredibly fast with each hurdle he took. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. I was crying and my father dashed across the foyer, into the living room, but he never quite made the light switch. It flashed an unfathomably brightly, more so than the setter could ever allow, and went out. My father, left in the dark, testily walked over to the light switched which was still remaining in 'off'. He flicked it on, and it worked like a charm. We both went to bed and said nothing about it until the next morning.

My father told me a white lie saying that the switch had been 'stuck' in the middle which caused it to flicker. Only later did he tell me that was untrue, and he only told me that so I didn't have any worries. What alarms me is that the house was built over an ancient railroad track, which had been disabled probably seven decades ago, and it might have been partly because of my active imagination, but I was convinced a little girl lived in our house. Of course, my grandmother fueled my beliefs by saying she saw the same thing. Was it the little girl? Or was it just me?

While my father does not believe in ghosts, and assures me he never will, this is one event he can never come to explain, and leaves it at that. My step mother still yells about not being awake to see it, as she too loves the ghost encounters. Any ideas of what could have caused this?

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-08)
I know this is ancient history but perhaps someone will give the story a second look - the author mentions that the house was built on the site of a defunct railroad - perhaps, that was the root of the activity. Railroads used to rely quite heavily on light signals - could be it was an entity tied to the railroad trying to send a signal or reliving a past event. Depending on specifically where in Maryland this home is located, this link to a master list of train disasters in Maryland might give some clue - even if the home isn't in one of the towns listed, the defunct track could have been where things started to go wrong causing the accident further down the line... Etc
elawton1980 (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-09)
It is possibly that your stepmother with as you said, her "moodiness", could have unconsciously caused the disturbance. Much like during the teen years, pregnancy and all it's wonderful hormones can really mess with your psyche. Even though she was asleep, it might have been poltergeist activity on her part. It's probably not a haunting that caused the chandelier issue. That is, if you have no other instances to indicate a real haunting happening in the house.
Donnie (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-08)

I'd like to make a correction. In my previous post I worded something incorrectly:

"the man who owned our house originally (and died in it)"

I didn't mean he died "in the house". I meant he died while owning the house. Sorry if there was any misconception.
Donnie (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-08)
Interesting. I cannot think of anybody who would purposely mess with the lightswitch... My only suspect would be my stepmother, who had an awful fight with my father a few hours before the incident because she was, in fact, a pregnant woman and was very moody. I regret not checking the fuse, and we sold our house a long time ago. I'd like to believe it was the ghost, mainly to set my confused mind at ease. While I'll never be able to go back and check for sure, I do have knowledge that the man who owned our house originally (and died in it) was there to sort of direct the building of the house as he had specific plans. Perhaps it was him, and he knew the electrical circuits or something? Currently I'm trying to contact the owners of the house present-time and see if they will look themselves. I highly doubt they will but it would be interesting! The only other reason I believe it is a ghost is because, as I believe I've mentioned, I've gone "ghost hunting" before in supposedly haunted hotels and houses and I've had several ghost encounters. Whenever I have one, though, I become stricken with this weird feeling. I get incredibly upset, and simply start to cry for whatever reason, and I can literally feel something happening. I don't know... Really, maybe it was just a cruel joke from my stepmother. And I assure you I haven't submitted this story before. Hm... Any other thoughts? I don't believe the man that died in our house was mad...
Tmetsfan31 (3 stories) (52 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-06)
I agree with abby here. It is too late to check the wiring, and it probably won't happen again. I have not had an encounter with a polterguist, so I cannot tell you too much about them, but I can tell you that it may be there because your dad is a sceptic. No ghost likes to be ignored. I said I didn't believe once and I had a toy car thrown at me.
Tmetsfan31 AKA Tanis
Tmetsfan31 [at] for any questions
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-06)
Dear Donnie,

It seems half here want it to be a ghost and half here want it to be the result of a faulty electical system. What do you want it to be?

Ah, yes and it is a bit late to check the electrical system, since the event happened in the past.

I guess the judge is yourself, and we already know your dad, the other half of this story, does not believe in ghosts. So once again, what do you think? Abby
shandi (9 stories) (86 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-05)
I would like to believe a ghost caused this because it makes this story even more fun to read. I'm not an electrician but for it to work just like normal when it was flickering on and off before seems strange to me.

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