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Was It The Little Boy?


It was maybe two days or a week after my dog came home from the vet that something scary happened to me. He had part of his tumour removed... Not all of it could be removed because it was on his liver or something. His tumour would eventually grow back and kill him. It would be too expensive to have him tumour permanently removed. Anyway, every night I slept lightly. Any movement my dog would make I'd instantly jump up like a vampire would rise out of a coffin. I was afraid he'd die during the night.

It was after midnight. My dog was panting so I opened my window and aimed the fan at him. He slept in his doggie bed below the window. The fan was aimed at him and not at the door, which is across from him. I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I keep my bedroom lights on at night, it gives me comfort. After a few minutes I fall asleep. Shortly after I fell asleep, the doorknob began to shake. Someone was trying to open it. My eyelids shot open and I waited for the person to open the door. I thought maybe it was my brothers or sister or mom. But then I realised they were all downstairs asleep, nobody was awake. I instantly sat up to stare at the doorknob. It was definitely turning but the door wasn't opening. The whole door was shaking. It didn't seem possible for the whole door to shake and the doorknob to twist at the same time. I tried making sense of it. Was it an earthquake? NO. The door wouldn't be the only thing shaking. Was someone playing a trick on me or was I seeing this?

I quickly glanced at my dog, Bear. He was sitting up and looking at the door waiting for it to open too. Bear is a big husky mix. If anything came in I know he would protect me. Not wanting to be so far away from bear I called his name," Bear." I didn't say it loud. More like a whisper, but whatever was at the door stopped shaking it when I spoke. I held my breath when it stopped. I listened for the sound of footsteps leaving my door or the creaking of stairs, but there weren't any. I didn't sleep that night.

The next morning when I told my mother she told me that my door moves at night. Her room and my room are the only rooms upstairs. My room is closer to the stairs and hers is down the hall from mine. Mom usually sleeps in the living room instead of her room though. Anyway when I asked her what she meant by my door moving she said," One night I was lying in bed when I noticed your door was moving. It would open all the way, close a little, and then slam shut." When it slammed shut my mother got up to investigate. When she opened my door she only saw Bear lying in his bed, awake. I was sleeping. Important fact: My door is heavy. Light wind can't move it. Mom also said that she was painting the walls in the laundry room when she heard a demonic growl. She froze. The cats--two of them-- were in the laundry room with her looking down the vent. They heard it too.

The day we moved into that house was when Bear came home from surgery. It was late July, a few weeks after my nineteenth birthday. We instantly felt the presence of something bad. We seemed to jump at every noise. It was a dirty house with broken windows, dirty carpets, and the smell of animal faeces polluted the air. After the carpet was replaced we moved in it anyway. We were being evicted from our other home so we needed a place, no matter how ghetto it was. Before the shaking door incident, and after mom told me about the growl, I had a horrible dream. Not going into any details but it was about a monster that wanted to eat me that was in the basement. It was so horrible that I went downstairs and woke mom up. She sat with me for a while. I didn't fall asleep that night either.

Other things happened. Mom would hear something walking around upstairs in her room when she slept downstairs in the living room. They'd hear cat yowls from the vent, as if it were stuck somewhere inside or down in the basement. It wasn't our cats.

After a few months the bad presence we felt when we moved in went away. We stopped feeling like something was in the room with us. My bad dreams didn't go away. They ranged from monsters, bloody bibles, devils and meeting death. But they weren't frequent.

Two months ago our slumlord didn't want to fix our flooding basement nor the broken windows he'd promised to fix. We refused to pay rent until he fixed them. We were soon evicted again. When we were packing we felt the bad presence return, mom did anyway, I had almost forgotten about it. We were close to moving out the night mom woke up to a teenage boy looking down at her. She was sleeping on the floor with my stepdad and two younger siblings. "Who the hell are you?" Mom asked. She nudged my stepdad awake. My brother has teenage friends that come in all the time without knocking, bad mannered little punks! The boy told her his name and said my brother told him to meet him here. He was trying to go upstairs--where my room is located!--mom and my stepdad kicked the boy out. Mom told my brother later that day about his friend. His eyes widened," I never told anyone to meet me here. I don't know anyone by that name, what did he look like?" It was dark when mom saw the boy above her. They didn't personally escort the boy out, just told him to leave. They did get up and peek out the windows to make sure he wasn't nearby. I forget what she said his name was, but that's not important. My brother didn't know the creeper that snuck into our house. Creepy! Who knows what that boy was? I could've been raped or murdered! A truly wild theory is that it could've been that monster I dreamt about in disguise! Come to drag me down into the basement and eat me! Maybe I watch too much paranormal activity.

Is been two months since we moved out of that place and I haven't had a bad dream since. The moment we unpacked our things it instantly felt like home. No ghosts or demons here, but that's alright. I wonder what would've happened if I'd opened my door that night? Was it death, coming for Bear? Would it have been that monster? Nothing? I never used to believe my mother when she told me of her experiences with the paranormal, I believe her now!

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-24)
I think in her story her dog eventually dies (is that correct, Donut - Slayer?). If so, I sorry for the loss. I love dogs, especially huskies.

When you get the feeling of uneasiness or dread, then something is bad in the house. Instead of not paying, your family should have left, when your landlord refused to go down into the basement. There is always something wrong when the owner of house won't go down in the basement.

I have a few questions for you. (1) Why in world didn't you or your family lock the door when you go to sleep, especially when you house looked like the ghetto? (2) Why didn't your mom and stepfather escort this guy out? What if he hid in the house somewhere? This leads me to my other question. (3) When your mom looked out the window, did she see that guy leave?
lynrinth (guest)
11 years ago (2011-06-23)
Whether good or bad, paranormal experiences are defintely learning lessons. The important thing is, you're out of the house in a house that is much better. Was this boy could or bad? What would have happen if you open the door? It's really anyone's guess. But do you really want to know? *shivers* I pass.
maya0903 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-23)
scary story & I feel sad about your dog? he ok now?
My prayers to you & your family & your dog too! 😊
Revolution472 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-22)
Dude, That's crazy but an awesome story, I wouldve been scared if my door was like that.
louisem3471 (1 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-22) sounds like something really awful happened in that house long before you guys moved in... You should do some research on the house, and find out what happened... Usualy if something or someone is ill or run down or depressed in anyway, this thing of evil would feed on the (weak) as it were... So its a really good thing that you got evicted from that house. I know that sounds bad, but that's how I see it... Good luck with the future, for you and your family...

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