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Sarel 2


So if you have read my previous story you should have an outline of what we have been living with for the past 17 years. This is a more detailed event that happened around the time I was 13 and been living in the house for 3 years or so.

My mom and dad have been divorced for a very long time and every month he brought over the maintenance money. The one day he brought it over on a Friday afternoon, he gave the money to my grandmother as no one else was home at that time. My grandmother proceeded to put it in my mom's bedside drawer. When my mom got home that afternoon she sat us down to give us a surprise, she said that if we pack our clothes and get ready we can go to the farm for the weekend. After that my gran told my mom where she put the money.

My mom went to her room to get the money. But surprise surprise the money was not in there anymore. My mom rounded everyone in the house to start a hunt for the money as my gran was adamant that the money was put in her bedside drawer. We searched everywhere in the house, in the kitchen drawers, the dustbins, we emptied every drawer and cupboard in that house. The money was gone and due to this fact my mom told us we can't go to the farm anymore because that money was the spending money for groceries, spending, and petrol. And seeing as it was gone so was the holiday.

I woke up early on the Saturday morning, and proceeded to get dressed brush my teeth and just the general things you do in the morning. When I walked into my moms room (as this is where all hair accessories were stored) to brush my hair, I opened the drawer to get out my hair band and brush, there lying in the drawer was the money, all of it, on my brush. I woke my mom up and told her I found the money and that we can leave for the farm.

Now that drawer was checked about 15 times for the money and it was not in there the previous night. And I must point out that it was not found in the drawer were my gran said she put it. We ended up going to the farm and it was great as always.

But we all know it was Sarel who took the money, he is constantly hiding things especially when you need a particular thing urgently.

Will post more Sarel stories soon!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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llyr (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-27)
Made me smile. Will be glad to read more about him:D
Greetings llyr
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-24)
Looking forward to more stories about Sarel. He sounds like a sweetheart. Mischievous, but sweet.

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