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The Yelling That's Not Really There


I really need help on what this is exactly, so please help! My name's Bec, I'm 15 and you're probably already reading this thinking that it's going to be a fake story but I promise that it isn't.

It isn't just me that has experienced this in my house, many of my friends have also and I'm just curious as to what this is and if it means anything.

The first time this ever happened was at the start of the year and I came home from school and, as usual, I was home alone. I was sitting on the couch eating and watching TV when I heard what I thought was my eldest brother, Daniel, calling out my name from upstairs. I thought that I didn't hear him come in but maybe my attention was too much on the TV to notice his arrival.

So anyway I ran upstairs asking what did he want and I got to his door and knocked, asking what did he want and I heard his voice again "I'm in here" and I turned to the attic door. Ours is like a walk-in attic, and I asked him "What are you doing in there?" and there was no response.

My first thought was that when I opened the door he'd jump out and scare me so I was going to open it really fast and run. But anyway as I put my hand on the door, my eldest brother walked in through the front door and I literally stood outside the attic door, completely frozen, until he came up the steps and asked me to move so he could get into his room to which I did. I haven't felt so much horror go through my body before.

There's been many other occasions where something like this has happened. What is it? Am I in danger?

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Skeptic_not_Sceptic (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-06)
I've been through something like this as well. Like others have already said, ignore it. It wants attention, so shrug it off as best you can. It takes practice, nut after you hear it, move on to the next thing you were about to do and don't pay it any attention. If ignored, it won't escalate, and it will occur less and less often.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-04)
Swimsinfire, if the OP and her family have lived in the house a long time, then residual energy could possibly manifest in her name being called if that is something her brother does a lot. Residual noise is not related to death or dead people. Quite the opposite - it is found in places that have seen a lot of life. A perfect example is the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort in Agra, India. The Taj Mahal has never been anything but a tomb and it feels like a tomb. There is no energy there whatsoever. The Red Fort served as a home to successive generations of people from the royal family down to the boy who mucked out the elephant stables, and it feels like it. It's fairly crackling with energy. I'm not saying it's haunted. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But you can feel the life there even when it's nearly empty. The energy isn't there because they died. It's there because they lived.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-03)
Beeccaayy, I understand the frozen in place. To me it sounds like a spirit trying to toy with you. I would follow all advice on here that posted. A spirit calling your name and then leading you to the attic, never a good thing. I agree with NorthCoastie, never pay the voice any attention if you can help it. Sometimes it can turn into more activity than you would like. A poltergeist does sound like it. Has there been any other type of activity in the house?
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-02)
Well, residuals don't call your name. Sometimes passed family members call yourr name, but they don't lead you on. I think the house blessing is a good idea. It seems like an eye roller, but it really does make a difference.
NorthCoastie (4 stories) (72 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-01)
Pretty Creepy! I'd ignore it... If you hear any more voices inviting you into the attic, just ignore it... I definitely wouldn't follow a voice into the attic, brother's voice or not! I don't think you're dealing with anything evil or whatever, but still wouldn't play into it.
SplyZe0315 (4 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-01)
I agree with the residual noise but... There is also a possibility that its a playful spirit being tricky... Nonetheless, you are not in danger unless you cross some boundaries... Don't entertain an inviting spirit too much, it might get fond of you and be more playful to the point of being much aggressive...
kaylamarie22 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
I used to live in a very old house in front of some woods. I experienced the same exact thing except, it was my mom calling me.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
This could be a type of residual noise. Have you lived in the house a long time? I used to hear this all the time in my house when I was a teenager. Sometimes I wonder if it was in my head, but it was very vivid and I was most definitely awake. The incident I remember most clearly is of hearing my grandmother walk down the stairs and open and close the dryer door (mundane, I know, but what can you do?) She wasn't there when I went to talk to her and had never come down at all. Someone else has suggested Doppelganger, which I would not have thought of but it is an interesting possibility. I have heard similar accounts of hearing rather than seeing a Doppelganger. I confess I have never much understood the Doppelganger phenomenon and don't know what it might mean. I personally think it is extremely unlikely to be an intelligent haunt and I don't believe you have anything to be afraid of. Please let us know what your friends have experienced.
shhh_im_sleeping (14 stories) (62 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
I do not know much about dopplegangers (a twin of yourself or someone else) but it sounds much like one. From what I've read they are not malicious but why they're present or what do they want... I do not know. I keep a diary of my strange experiences and I suggest that you do the same. It helps you to try to make some sense of your experiences when you can read it on paper. Look into dopplegangers and see if that sounds like what you're experiencing. Good luck:)
ghostlysmile (guest)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
I suggest that you should find some history about your house and be positive, if you find something weird.

sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-31)
Hello Beeccaayy, welcome to YGS. I want some more information. You said that your friends and others have also heard such yelling. They heard someone call your name or they heard calling their names. Secondly, you should check the history of the house, ask some neighbours about it if they experienced anything like what you came across. If you do have such information, please inform us. This could give us more inputs to suggest or advise you properly.

But as Val said, I also don't think that you are in any danger. Please respond to my queries as well as Val's.

Regards and respects to you.

valkricry (47 stories) (3196 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-10-30)
When you say, "It isn't just me that has experienced this in my house, many of my friends have also," are they hearing someone call their name? Or someone calling yours? Also do others present also hear it? For example, you and B are studying together, and B thinks her name is called. Do you hear it too?
Beyond, that has anything else happened?
Since it answered you, I'm going with intelligent. I don't think you are in any danger. You might try having the house blessed.
SirenBelva (7 stories) (64 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-30)
Bec, do you know the history of your house? Have any of your other family members experienced anything?
ShinigamiH (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-30)
It is probably a poltergeist trying to play games and play with you mind. Just one advice, when you hear someone calling for you or anything like that and you're sure there is no actual person in the house, just try to ignore the voice and don't respond to it.

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