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Strange Experiences In The 90 Year Old House


Back at the age 17 I never really believed in ghosts until I lived in this 90 year old house. I had many strange experiences in this house. I have been physically punched and felt like the air was taken right out of me. And I would have really strange dreams.

One dream I remembered having at least two times about a young man probably age of 30. My parents came home and had company over downstairs in our living room. I said hello to my parents' guests, then walked half upstairs because our house was a 2-story house. And I saw this young man dressed in an Army suit with black boots with a rifle strapped around his shoulder. His eyes were green and his aura was blue. I could see right through him. He saw me and stared at me like, "You can see me?" type of look. And as I kept staring at him, he raised his left hand slowly and pointed towards my bedroom door. Then looked at me and walked right through my door and vanished.

I had another similar dream like that and it was about 12am in the morning and I ended up waking up seeing him again standing in the middle of my room. He looked at me and pointed at the clock. Then walked through my TV and vanished again. After that I went back to bed not knowing why I kept seeing him.

In this house I lived in, I would be up late watching my favorite anime shows and I would go downstairs into the kitchen to make myself a pot of Ramen noodles. While I was making, it my sister was with me and she finished hers before mine so she went up stairs to her room and turned off the lights. At that time I had just got done poring my Ramen into a bowl before I could go turn the light on, I not only heard something strange but I heard woman's sophisticated laughter downstairs in the living room and my parents were both asleep. And when I turned the light back on I heard a child mumble in my ear, nearly making me drop my Ramen. I ran upstairs back to my room, turned on my TV and didn't move the whole night.

Was it my imagination? Was it real on what I experienced? I don't know. But because I had experience so much stuff I have to say I do believe in ghosts. And I just can't doubt the fact that there is life after death. And once you've been touched by the paranormal, your life is completely changed. In my life... It has changed a lot.

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-23)
Dear xdreamerx, I would like to request you to be clear in your narrative and post. Because my first language is not English and I am not able to follow certain aspects of your narrative or your post.

First you said you had one dream twice. Then you said that your parents came home and were having some guests and when you went upstairs, you saw the young man. Was it a dream you were narrating? Again you said you had a similar dream and when you woke up, you saw the young man of 30 and vanished into your TV. Are these two experiences dreams or you actually saw the young man. The narrative is quite not clear.

The second experience you had Ramen noodles, did it happen in your present house?

But these two incidents were not harmful. But you said that in the 90-year old house, you were punched and felt like air taken out of you. Those things happen to you in the present place also?

You said in your post that what you feel there are spirits of an old man and a child in your present house, if my understanding is correct. Do they feel harmful to you. What is your gut feeling. If they are harmful, please do explain as to how they are harmful or if one of the spirits is harmful, please do explain.

There is an excellent cleansing method available in this site, designed by one of the experienced posters, Rookdygin. It is there for the asking.

If you feel that it would help, I would try to post it.

Please do clarify and respond.

Regards and respects to you.

xdreamerx (2 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-21)
Well I have told my parents and they suggested I try this bible study to figure out things and to see if the pasterfield here could help me.I've been getting non stop nightmares and my last one was about this old house and a ritual going on. I think whatever is in my house is a old man and a child. So it just been stressful to me. I am 23 now and still have night terrors and sometimes ill wake up from them with heat burning on my face? And I can't find out about the house because we don't leave there anymore. But my mom thinks maybe something followed me here? Because this is the second house dealing with this.
Walks_on_Clouds (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-18)
Any spirit that assaults you needs to be dealt with promptly.

Did you mention these occurrences to your parents? They may be experiencing the same things but just not mentioning it in front of their kids. It's a risk... They might think you're out of your mind too, but most parents will take heed to something that's a threat to their kids.

These entities need cleansed from your home asap regardless of who or what they may be. 😐
Riddhima__ (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-16)
one thing you can do is try 2 know the history of the house like who lived there before you guys, did anybody die over there, was this house made on top of a burial ground/cemetry 😊

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