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In January of last year, I was home alone with my son. My son was laying in the bed sleep and I was in the living room watching tv. I had turned the tv off and went into me and my son's bedroom to check on him. He had woke up crying so I figured it was because he was sick. I told him that mommy was going to be back that I'm going into the kitchen to fix you some warm milk and a tylenol. So I left out of the room and went into the kitchen.

As I was fixing his bottle, all of the sudden I heard footsteps behind coming from the hallway and after that I felt an unexplainable cold chill on my back as if someone had just walked past me but it was not that kind of normal chill air. It was that icy cold like someone had dumped ice all over your back kind of chill but colder than that. After I felt that chill and heard the footsteps I called out to my son La'Darius and I said Darius is that you? There was no answer, no noise at all, so I turned around and no one was there.

I slowly walked out of the kitchen into the hallway looking into the living room and bathroom as I walked back to the room. When I went back into the room, La'Darius was sound asleep as if he hadn't moved since I left him. I haven't told my parents about this experience, but my dad has told me and my mom that he has seen my deceased grandmother in our house so it is possible that it was her but I am not sure because I didn't see anything or anyone. Now I remind you all that the house was completely silent so no it wasn't the tv or radio I was hearing. I would like to get some opinions so feel free to leave positive comments.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-24)
Hello Single_Mom26, it is difficult to say if it were your deceased granny because of lack of input. But have you felt such presence before or after this incident. Secondly, please do discuss with your parents. It will definitely help. Perhaps it will give you the clue as to what you experienced. Because it was only one experience, it is difficult to comment further. But if it recurs, why don't you just maintain a journal of events/experiences. It will definitely help. I commented on your other story also. I don't think it is harmful, whatever you felt. Still discuss with your parents and if there is any further input, please do post it.

Regards and respects to you.


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