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When I was younger me and my friends used to play manhunt (a harder game of hide and seek.) We gradually got bored of playing in woods and round estates so we decided we'd visit somewhere scarier and better for the thrill! Near where I live there are 2 abandoned mental hospitals, one we called South House and the other called Barnes Hospital. They were both used as hospitals for injured soldiers in World War 2 and later used for mental patients. Barnes was a much bigger and scarier place, it also has guards as it's a historic building and very dangerous so they try to stop letting anyone in there, so we started off smaller and played at South house. The experiences here don't compare to anything like Barnes but I thought I'd include them.

There was about 10-15 of us playing, 2 people were finding and the rest were hiding. We started on the top floor and everyone ran and hid, me and a few others ran downstairs and hid in a room with a door, we hid in the corner of the room and left the door open a little bit so we could see if anyone was coming down the corridor. Then all of a sudden the door slammed closed and wouldn't open, we could hear grunting from the outside and then the force stopped and the door opened freely. We all glanced outside and nobody was there. Nobody could have had time to hide within the time they let go of the door and none of our friends could have held the door against 4 of us in the room. We shouted everyone and we all got out of there.

When we finally decided to go to Barnes, we wouldn't play manhunt in there, it was too big, and far to scary so we'd always just walk round in groups, climb things and discover new places in there! One day we all decided to go to the basement, there was around about 6 of us. It was pitch black and the only source of light we had was the screen brightness on our phones. As we commenced further into the basement we got to the morgues, and my friend Daniel froze and pulled me back. I looked and screamed, we all ran out and didn't go back for months! As we looked at the morgue, on one of the slabs sticking out of the wall, we had seen a figure lift it's head up and look directly at us.

A few months later when we had been back a couple of times, we went to a part of the hospital which vandals had set fire to. It was black and burned all around and through a set of doors was one room that wasn't burnt. We went in and in the middle of the room was a single cushioned chair, it had a turquoise leather on it and was in fairly good condition considering it had been left there for about 20-30 years. My friend Gary had been dared to sit in the chair and we were all laughing and joking about but as he went to sit down his brother Daniel pulled him back, as we all looked the imprint on a body slowly appeared in the chair. We all ran and haven't been back since.

Thanks for reading.

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Dip1904 (115 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-17)
I guess this belongs to UK not UAE... But anyways, that is a matter of formality.

Just a kind warning...don't mess with wandering spirits, especially in a place where a lot of extreme emotional turmoils have taken place. Not a very good idea
AutumnessBea (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-07)
manhunts a good game, how are you and your freinds brave anough to go into an abandond hospital? 😕 😲
Cloudzuc (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
Hey Jay, I have to admit... You and your friends are very brave! That thing that jumped out at me was the "grunting" you heard on the other side of the door as though someone was putting effort into keeping you in that room and possibly trying to scare you? And I agree with Jacquie, that morgue experience... I probably would've flow out of there I'd be running so fast! Hehe! Maybe a good idea to stay away from these places in the future, I agree.
johnnycashmuse (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-24)
I thought you were in the u.k? Pressed wrong place by accident? Oh well.

Sounds like you and your fellow playmates had an interesting couple of playgrounds to MANHUNT (I used to play that too) and explore in. Arent old and abandoned places really exciting to explore (one of my hobbies). And it sounds to me like you may have had some encounters with some former residents and workers. Personally I think that is brilliant, scary or not.
The one that got me was when you wrote that you saw a ghost in the morgue on the slab look up at you... I think that would have done it for me, you wouldn't have seen me for dust.
Great story.

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