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My experience of paranormal activity happened in 2009 when I was flatting as a second year university student in Palmerston North. Now I am not even sure if it's paranormal but there sure is heck no other explanation me or my flat mates or partner could find.

Now enter my story... I was 20 at the time and flatting in a house that was built in roughly in the 1960's. I hated living in Palmerston North and hated being away from my boyfriend of 4 years, I spent much of my time there dreaming about going home. I actually never spent much time in the house as I would always go home when I didn't have class so I think I averaged 3-4 nights a week in the house. The house was nice, it felt cosy and had no weird or uncomfortable presence about it. However, one night I was studying in my room, and of course I happened to home alone at the time. I was standing next to my desk writing my holiday dates on my wall planner, when suddenly the light was all rocking and swaying. It's hard to explain but looking at my wall, I first saw the horizontal shadow line of the light swaying from side to side (You know the shadow that some light fittings leave on the wall). In horror, I turned around to see what the hell was going on & there was the light fitting full noise swinging rather violently from side to side. (The light fitting was one of those cheap ugly white lamp shades hanging from a wire that was maybe half a meter or less in length). Now at first it wasn't panic that hit me, it was more curiosity. I stopped the light with my hand and decided to whack it myself to see how hard I had to hit it to get it to move as much as it had been. It was a big force, like full on whack. At this point I freaked out because the windows were shut and it wasn't windy (besides wind wouldn't have swung it that much), there was no earthquake and no other noise. I freaked and walked out of the room to discover nobody was home. I rung my partner & told him what happened. He is an electrician so knows lights and he was trying to calm me down and come up with explanations for it. I hung up happyish and carried on.

A few months down the track another strange occurrence happened with the light fitting again. Once again I was sitting at my desk studying but this time the light was shuddering as if somebody was shaking it rather than swinging it. This was rather noisy in comparison to the swinging in the previous episode. I stopped it and like the time before and I tried to reenact it but this time I actually couldn't get it to shudder like it was. This time the wee kitten of flat mates was sleeping about 2 m away on my bed & she was beside her self freaked out by the light.

I also had instances where I was just about nodding off to sleep at night and I could see dull very small lights bouncing around on my ceiling. They seemed to follow a similar pattern and would trace the edge of the ceiling. I could never figure out what they were.

In the months after these episodes I would often talk to my partner about it & he honestly said he couldn't think of any explanation for it and he has knowledge of lights and electricity being a electrician. He said nothing along those lines would cause that to happen. He remembers the night I called and he was trying to make things up so I would calm down. A year or so after this I was talking a to work mate who had lived down that same street and he recalled the old villa flat that had burnt down in the street. The villa happened to be right next to the house I lived in. I actually knew that the previous house had been burnt down and that's why there were brand new flats on the section next door. However, I had never thought it about that closely before. My workmate knew the guy that died in the fire of that old villa, as did many because he was a well known student. I often wonder now whether the experiences I had were related to a presence in the house or from the poor deceased young man in the burnt down villa that used to be next door.

Who knows, but to this day I often think of the events that I experienced and still can never think of any other explanation. What continues to surprise me is that experiencing something like this didn't freak me out as much I had assumed it would have. It made me curious and open minded to this kind of thing. I still never felt that the house or my room felt freaky or uncomfortable, more the opposite, it was more quiet and calm. I often think the things that happened were done to be cheeky to me. I often refer to this event as my cheeky ghost.

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jarq4 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-23)
Yes that's the one happyspirit. Yes I always wondered that if it was him why he was trying to get my attention, because I was of very little use to help. I would love to know if this happened to anybody else in that house but it's too hard to find out. I hope he did transition in the end.
HappySpirit (187 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-22)
Is this the article about the student who died?
If so, he was obviously a caring individual, as he went back into the fire, thinking his buddy was still trapped, and died there. If the phenomenon with the light was caused by his spirit, he may have been trying to get your attention. Hopefully, someone has helped him transition.
jarq4 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
In regards to the events in the surrounding area, as in the first post I said that a young man died in a house fire in the property next door. The properties were very close so only meters from my bedroom window. The remains of the house had gone & there were brand new student flats built on the site. Out of curiosity I googled yesterday to see if the story about the death was true. Sure enough it is. February 2005 a 21 year old male perished in the fire, there are still several newspaper reports online about it. So 4 years before I lived in the house. I found it a little creepy knowing these details but also sad for the family
jarq4 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
I have lived in places that have had those old lose water lines in the roof space & they are rather noisy but yet this had no noise. It was the most south room in the house & the water mains for the house came from the other side but never extended as far as my room as this room was the furtherest from the bathroom & kitchen. Actually thinking about it now, there wasn't any water pipes in the roof because they were underfloor. I remember because one old connection bit broke off from the mains water supply so resulted in no water & a huge leak under the house. Good old student flats in palmy it took over a week for them to fix it:s
TRUCK (25 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
Could possibly been a water line or something in the ceiling. When water goes through them they can shake and wobble if not secured correctly. One of these could have been hitting the box the light was attached to and cause the light to shake.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
Oh then that is pretty crazy! Nothing abnormal in the house or surrounding area that happened that could be resulting in the leftover energy?
jarq4 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
Hey no construction in or around the house and the house was only 1 level with very little roof space. It was technically a typical weatherboard 1960's house, probably a family home back in its day so not an apartment. Any activity like you mention couldn't have caused the light to swing as violently as it did in the first episode. As I said in the post my partner is an electrician so I got him to explain to me his possible thoughts on what it was. The day I was moving out he came to collect all my gear with his work truck & we got talking about what had happened so he decided to show me how the light fitting was fixed to the ceiling because I was of the belief that maybe a rat or something could have pulled the wire and made it swing. However, once he took it down to show me it became obvious that wasn't a possibility because the wire for the light fighting are screwed into the fitting so as much as you pull he cord in the ceiling, all that would made happen would break a wire or the wire would come loose from the terminal & the light would stop going.

I would also like to pint out the mechanics of the way the light was swinging. Imagine the pivot point of the light and imagine it swinging all the way around so 360 degrees. However, that's not possible because of the ceiling being in the way so you could only reach a swing of 180 degrees which would mean the light fitting would be touching the ceiling in each swing phase. In the 1st episode the light would have been swinging very nearly 180 degrees, I would say it was 16-170 degrees range in motion. So imagine the earth quake or gail force wind you would need in your house to get that kind of range of motion... Wasn't possible
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-19)
Was there any construction going on in the building? Did you have people living in a floor above you? That would be my guesses for the light.

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