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The Pointsies And Bonky


I'm not sure where to begin in this story, I've never shared it with anyone outside my family. I guess I can start with what happened tonight. My family was sitting at the table eating and my niece starts talking about the "pointsies". This isn't the first time she's mentioned them and at first we thought it was just her imagination. She's a very vivid and animated three year old with an extensive vocabulary, but sporadically over the past year her story has never wavered. She describes these creature things that are all white, no hair, no face, no eyes, no mouth but they can still talk to her. At first we thought maybe it was something she had seen on a commercial for a cartoon or something but she started crying saying that they scare her. They only talk to her and "Bonky". Bonky is an all black figure that lives in our clock in the living room. After talking about them for a little while she went without mentioning them for a good 4 months. Then one day randomly came bolting up the hallway screaming that "The pointsies are going to get me!" The look on her face was one of pure terror but again, nothing about them or Bonky until tonight. She said they were standing on her grandmother's tv dancing (she imitated the dance which was more of a weird crawl). We asked her are they nice and she said "They are nice, but they just scare me and I want them to go away and never come back." There have been strange instances in the house as well. It's my mother, my sister, my niece living in the house and one night I was in my room and everybody else was in my mom's room. My mom's room is right beside mine and you can see if anyone comes in or out of her room from mine. We started to smell something burning. I went in my mom's room and asked was anybody cooking and forgot something in the oven and nobody had been. I walked into the kitchen to see a candle (The big 3 wick heavy candles) had been turned on its side and was still lit. I blew the candle out but didn't think much of it until no one had been anywhere near the kitchen since the candle was lit. A couple nights later, my mom was laying in her bed watching TV and all of a sudden felt a slight pressure on her leg. She looked down and one of my nieces toys (The little green thing from yo gabba gabba) was sitting on her leg looking at her. It's lived in the toy bin since. My sister gets bad migraines once in a blue moon and she'll usually shower with the lights off to help ease the tension of them. One of those nights she was in the shower with all the lights off and the door closed and she heard breathing. Thinking it was my mom or myself that had come into the bathroom to get something she didn't think anything of it until she opened her eyes and saw a faint figure with a red ember like someone was in there smoking a cigarette. She freaked out and turned on the lights but there was nothing there. I've heard a growl from another room on one occasion and just other small instances. Most of it I can over look and possibly write off as a weird happening or just a freak thing, but am I being too nonchalant about this? Is this something that I need to be worried about?

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C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-14)
I'm new to the blog and know nothing about the paranormal, but wanted to offer a remedy that has worked for me for a migraine. As soon as you feel one coming on, eat ice cream. I'd read somewhere it helps and tried it. It worked, though I don't know why. Within 15 minutes it goes away. Avoiding light and movement, especially of the neck and head, are pretty normal desires when you have a migraine. Staying as still as possible helps. I'm pretty much totally prostrated when I get one.
Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-13)
Never mind what I recommended, I'm a bit new, and I've been here for a month or less.

I feel the need to help others, but sometimes it's not my place to since I'm no professional. I shouldn't have said anything other than my question, and I still support what you want for your niece.


Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-12)
I agree with Red as well. I would recommend you to do the shielding/cleansing method Rook suggested to me, I've done it at least four times so far. And even if it hasn't taken affect to one of the main entities I know, assumed to be a disguised demon, one of our empty rooms isn't full of dreadful energy from these negative spirits anymore like it used to be. I would assume there gone since there's no feeling at all in that room, when these feelings have went on for years up until I shielded the house.

I'm no expert, but definitely ask other members on ways to get these spirits to leave. Try to research on how to make it possible, if these spirits are no good praying would help, and so would shielding/cleansing the house. The instructions for that are on Rooks profile.

Other than your niece, and witnessing spiritual events, have you seen more than one of those entities as well, same as her, or nearly at least?

I would also suggest not to let her shower in the dark, it gives entities more power to do what they want, and if more than negative, it'll eventually get bad I assume.


Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-12)
Apparently I'm not 'open' to the proper use of the word 'open' in my last comment. Which should have read:

"I'm open to the Pointsie being harmless..."

Then later:

"I am also open to the possibility that you have some nice presence..."

Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-12)

I agree completely with Red. I'm to the open the Pointsie being harmless, and would suggest you ask them to not scare the child. BUT when you have showering people getting spooked, that's another thing altogether. Whether the Pointsie and the ember figure are related or not is unclear. But certainly the ember figure is questionable. There's something about hearing breathing over the sound of a shower, followed by a manifestation, that strikes me as malevolent.
It will no doubt escalate if you don't take a firm stance.

Was the toy already in your Mother's room when she found it sitting on her leg?

Also what is Bonky that lives by or in the clock, is this a statue or object, if so what kind? Or do you mean it's a spirit in your home with whom you are comfortable?

I am also open that you have some nice presence in your home. The fact you smelt burning before you found the candle suggests this to me. Once you found the candle tipped did this smell leave or did it persist?
If the smell left, it might have been given to you by a guardian figure, who wanted to alert you to the danger in the kitchen.
If the smell persisted, it could have been the doing of a malevolent presence.
OR the smell persisting could ALSO be a guardian figure's way of letting you know there is danger still and to be cautious.
Any form of shielding/cleansing you do will not banish good entities, only bad ones. The good ones will help keep the bad ones away, and the cleansing/shielding will help them to do this too.

Please keep us posted on your progress and feel free to ask any questions.
Take care.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-11)
If these creatures scare your niece and other things have been happening I would say hell yes. First I would tell the pointsies and any spirits that do not belong that they have to leave. A few days later ask your niece if the pointsies are still there. If she says yes ask her to show you where they are and tell her to tell them you said they have to leave. If she tells you that they say they won't leave go to Rookdygins profile page and you will find his cleansing/shielding method and do that to the letter. It takes a few days so find time to do it at the same time everyday. I don't know why I feel you have to do it that way but I suspect that they only show themselves at certain times of the day or evening. Good luck no 3 year old should live in fear under any circumstance. Also I have a feeling that if you don't get rid of them now things will only escalate.

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