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I'm going to write my first experience. Well first I should tell you a bit about me. I am right now 14 and half. We are Muslim and my family is very small, like I have only one brother and he is 2 years younger than me. I won't tell real names of anyone so yeah, nicknames. My brother name is Nomi. My father is an civil engineer and my mother is a house-wife.

Since I was small, around like 6-7 years, I got scared a lot! My parents used to think that I'm a small kid and usually most of small kids gets scared of dark. Well, I was scared of dark a lot! And used to imagine things in dark but since that there was nothing really at the time.

While in 2008-2009, we shifted to a big house and it was located in Ras-al-Khaima state. Well our house was on a hill not too high like there are mountains like California in USA. We lived near to a HAUNTED CASTLE! Yeah CASTLE! It was so beautiful and the castle was similar to Cinderella ones (well that was too big but this one was not that much big). People would say it is haunted by a man and cause no one goes in for so many years, other spirits also now haunts it!

Well, the back story of the man was like people say the man was an engineer and built that castle for his own family but someone bother him to sell that castle to him but the man rejected him and he put some checks, etc (some financial problem I don't know that more). So he became depressed, stressed and one night in his castle, his brain nerves something blast! And he died at the very moment!

We lived in the front of that castle. Two roads and few villas and then it's our villa! But that incident happened long ago! We felt some paranormal existing in our house as my parents didn't believe that but now my mother did (not my father). My mother also felt like there is and saw in the corner of her eye something. Well it's so long ago so I don't remember much but I also used to feel but even my mother and my father didn't believe me!

That house was so unlucky for us! Too much we also had lots of problem there (not want to tell and not essential to). Then we and my father went away for some work cause his project. (We usually shift a lot cause my father gets new projects in different states.) So while my father was away, we didn't bought a new house but he has his University friend so his friend was also away so we shifted with his friend's family. They also has small family, a wife, two sons. I first time saw things there! So here it starts.

That house was in another state called "Sharjah". So the first experience starts from here. One day, in afternoon, while uncle's sons (Khiz and Moumen) was in their school and uncle's wife (T) went out, my mother was taking bath, I and my brother Nomi were taking swing. In the lawn they had one backyard that has all over grass, flowers, few vegetables and one front yard that had trampoline and swing.

He was pushing my back and I was on the swing. After some time he got thirsty and told me that he's going in to take water. While he was inside, I was sitting on the swing waiting for him, then as generally the swing stopped if no one is pushing and even no one was there. Suddenly I got a very bad push from my back! And there was no wind indeed it was really hot that day... I then heard a scream that was neither a human's voice nor an animal's or bird's voice! It was not even someone but something that wanted me to fall on floor and die!

I didn't look behind because my mother always tells me not to look behind you when you hear something if no one is around. So I didn't look back but looked to my left and saw a bird on the wall that even that bird heard the voice and saw my back and flew away! I realized that there is something for sure so I got really scared, that started screaming. I putted my hands on my ears and closed my eyes until someone came for help.

At last Nomi showed up standing at the door looking at me, then my mom also came! I was just kept saying "Come here and take me, come here and take me!" Then my mom told Nomi to take me. I went in and kept crying. My mom was asking "What happened?" I told her while crying that there was someone who pushed me etc.

My mom then went to the door and looked out and looked at the tree then sat beside me and told me "Do not go out while it's afternoon and do not go under that tree when it's afternoon or evening after second last Athan." I agreed then she told to uncle's wife aunti, (she believed these things).

Then days passed and then one night we were in the room well let me tell, the first time we came to their house, they let us sleep in their guestroom but that night while we are getting ready to sleep I told mama that I don't want to sleep in here, it scares me, I don't feel comfortable here. She asked why but I kept saying I don't know but I don't like this room. (There was something in that room more than the house, well better to say that the house was haunted!) My mother agreed and told me that she will talk to aunti but tomorrow. So I have to sleep tonight here.

Another night we changed the room, then we were shifted in the other room and one night, I wasn't able to sleep. So I got up and was looking out of the window, I saw a black figure crossing there backyard and going somewhere. To my astonishment it had no feet nor I can see its head cause it was covered by its hood, it was more like the Harry Potter one black figure! I am a fan of that movie still but that time I wasn't thinking about any movie. So as FAST as I can I went back to bed with my mom and grabbed her tightly until I went asleep.

Next morning I told my mother and again she told aunti and this time aunti took us and went to someone's house. He took a thread saw it and blah blah then he gave a bottle of a water and told my mother that "Your both children should put on water in the beginning of the night under a dates tree." Well we did and the things went rare.

One night while aunti was out my mother, brother, aunti's sons were sitting together in the lounge talking about paranormal things and there Khiz (the elder brother) told us that when newly they shifted here, he was lying on his bunk bed on the upper portion, thinking while he got a feeling that someone is watching him and he looked at the guest room's door and saw a black figure shadow of a man standing there looking at him. Than they put little blessed water to the corners of the house from inside. The water was blessed, that's why things don't come inside but that room still has a feeling. I was so astonished and after a time that feeling went away.

But this wasn't the end! After my father came back we shifted into our new house and there was also something. I would saw dreams and used to see things! I will tell that in my next post...

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Vinne (guest)
7 years ago (2015-08-12)
First of all... Thanks for taking time and reading my true experience...

DeathByDonut (DBD): I would like to kindly thank you that you took time for reading then there were few lights on in their backyard... And yeah few kinds of things just gets attached to a person if they like that person a lot... They even sometimes badly want to take the person with them in their world means DEATH! Well, I am junior teen but have a lots of experience so yeah... There wasn't any eyes of it because it's face was hidden in the hood and I went near to the window... Secondly, I HAVE SOO MANY EXPERIENCES AND your correct that no one can KNOW or BELIEVE until it happens to them! Thirdly, I am SHE not HE... And please be kind... Thanks don't take it to the negative way...
Yours Respectfully,

Miracles51031: First of all, I am very thankful for editing my story and correcting my few sentences... Second... Thanks again for saying that to DBD.

Sheetal: Thanks for your kind comment and I'm afraid that I don't know the exact history behind that spirit. 😢

Tweed: I really don't know about that thread but it seemed like it was his way of checking that if there is something with the person or not and now I think he was the fake one but as the Holy water worked for a little time and it kept working but only until I kept using it... And I will someday soon will tell my entire story but it depends on time cause as I am a teen (Busy student) so yeah... Thanks for reading 😊.

Once again... Thank you all for taking time and reading my experiences...:)
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-04)
Nice story, I enjoyed it and I'm looking foward to your next one
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-01)
Hi Vinnie,

If your Anti still still has some bad feelings in that guest room, she may want to dab some more blessed water in there.
Also I'm curious about the thread you mentioned, is this a kind of blessing the man did?

That's horrible what happened on the swing. There are a lot of people who have seen dark figures in the dark of night.
Look forward to your next story.
Take care.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-01)
Hey Vinne... Your narration is perfect and I loved it... I enjoyed your story... I would like to know the history behind that spirit...

Thanks for sharing,

Sheetal ❤
DeathByDonut (guest)
7 years ago (2015-07-31)
If you ever take a look at my profile you will surely find out howmany stories I have read. I just asked the questions which were hard to digest for me and there's no offence in asking questions I guess.

And I have never put a blankie on his story. It just didn't felt right to me and I questioned him.

Yours respectfully,
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-07-31)
DeathByDonut - Before you decide you're going to throw the bs blankie on this story, I have a few things to say.

Until you experience it, you're not going to understand that it is possible to see something black in the dark. From personal experiences, sometimes shadows are darker than the night.

And, again from personal experience, it is very possible to move into 3 different houses in 3 different states and them be haunted. If someone is aware, in tune, whatever you want to call it, they're going to realize something else is there with them.

How many stories have you read on this site? Surely you have read some where other people have lived in more than 1 home and experienced paranormal activity (not the movie kind either) in the homes they've lived in.

In the past 37 years, I have lived in 18 difference places (3 states) and every home I lived in (including now), with the exception of 2, had activity. And, for informational purposes, some of the places I worked (including where I work now) 😐 had activity.

Don't discount someone's story just because you haven't had the same experiences.
DeathByDonut (guest)
7 years ago (2015-07-31)
You saw a black figure in the middle of night while you were not able to sleep and also noticed that it didn't have its feet. I just wonder how can someone see a black figure in night with details like not seeing its feet.

Were you standing near the window or just viewing outside by still on bed?

Had you seen any eyes or glowing lights near its face?

I am also surprised that he moved into 3 different houses and in 3 different states and all the houses were haunted. It might be true but hard for me to digest.

Hope you reply fast with proper answer

Yours respectfully,

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