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My Ghost Friend


I think the last time I seen the ghost was about 8 years ago when I was 9 years old. I remember the time I spent with him (male ghost) very clearly.

I lived by a small park in New Jersey for about 2 years of my life, before we move to our new home in Bensalem. The story begins when I was almost struck by a car. I felt a hand push me from behind making me fly pretty far. It was a big hand. I remember the man in the car yelled at me and drove off something like "Watch where you goin kid!". When I got off the ground, I noticed a man standing in the road. I thanked him and even though he didn't move his mouth, I heard a voice say, "I'll walk you home now." He was pretty creepy so I ran home and didn't look back at him.

I went back to the park to see him sitting on the bench. For some reason I went and sat next to the creepy man. He didn't look at me but he smiled. He was just looking at the pigeons. I said "Thanks for the other day." He looked at the ground and said something I didn't understand "No, thank you." I thought that was the oddest thing but as a child when someone thanked or praised me I began to blush. We would sit there for hours just talking. I remember he always made me think when he spoke (although that's the only line I can remember him saying) always speaking in riddles. But I didn't care. I had very little friends and the ones I did have thought I was a weirdo or crazy half the time, so I enjoyed the time I spent talking with him. He was a good listener. He would make jokes, and I remember a time where he would give me money to buy candy at a store which was awesome.

At one point I tried to introduce him to my friends. I took them to him but they claimed to be unable to see him and they ran off. I told the old man they were being rude but he didn't care. I asked him if he wanted to play a game. He looked at me and said sure. He held both his hands out. He said in one of my hands is something special, can you tell which hand it's in. I pointed at the right hand and he smiled. He gave me a small box and in it was a mirror and a picture of a boy. I turned to ask him what it meant but he vanished. I didn't even consider that this man could have been a ghost.

Later I found a scrap of paper behind the photo. It said "To my son Jeremy, when you grow up I wish you the best of luck and safety in your travels". I never saw the old man again.

Later I would learn an old man and his son were killed in a car accident right outside the park. The boy that died in the car accidents name was Jeremy and the old man John.

To this day I still have the box. I keep with with me all the time.

I know this story isn't exciting but I wanted to share it.

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Darkangel73 (4 stories) (123 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-09)
GluQ123- I thought this story was very touching... I am glad you had that man there to protect you from being hit by that car!
Charucharmy (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-06)
it was good. Little emotional story type. I enjoyed it. You had a very good companion who was a ghost. But still dint harm you any way. May be he saw his own son in you that's y.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-05)
That was one of the sweetest stories I've read in a long time. The man probably blamed himself for his sons death. Therefore he was earthbound. He saved your life but he couldn't move on until he gave someone that box. I think about it, you may have helped someone cross over.
1_2_3_A_B_C (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-04)
That is so cool! I think it's a privilege to be able to see and talk to a spirit. And what probably caused the man to come was that you were almost hit by one, and he passed in a car accident. That was probably related to why he spoke to you and such. Very lucky also that you were not injured by that car!

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